• Evidence Tampering in the Jodi Arias Trial

    Detective Esteban Flores and Juan Martinez destroyed exonerating evidence and tampered with evidence prior to perjuring themselves for 5 months in the coverup in the Jodi Arias trial.

  • Help Jeffrey Havard on Mississippi Death Row!

    The State of Mississippi is trying to murder an innocent man, politically stonewalling him at every chance. Read about his inept counsel, corrupt trial and spread the word!

  • Injustice! The Story of Nyki Kish

    Nicole "Nyki" Kish has been wrongfully convicted in the murder of Ross Hammond in Ontario, Canada. Nyki has served 3.5 years of in house arrest and slightly under 3 of prison time in a maximum security facility. Read all about this horrendous and tragic miscarriage of justice that MUST come to an end -- soon!

  • Ryan Ferguson is FREE!

    Ryan Ferguson was finally freed 10 years into a corrupt conviction. This emotional article outlines his decade-long struggle, and highlights his wonderful day of reckoning and victory for due process. Here, Ryan holds up a note from attorney Kathleen Zellner, after an uncertain day not knowing if he'd be released, stating, "it's over".

  • Danny Pelosi is Innocent!

    Corruption! Generosa had all the motive in the world to want Ted gone — and she said as much on numerous occasions. So how was Danny Pelosi convicted of the murder of Ted Ammon?

  • New DNA evidence should exonerate Amanda Knox -- again

    Law enforcement authorities discovered Amanda Knox’s DNA, instead of the victim Meredith Kercher’s DNA, on the claimed murder weapon, a butcher knife.

  • Rand Paul Bucks the Prison Lobby

    Finally! A high-profile politician has the fortitude to buck the trend, refuse lobby money, and stand up to the prison lobby against mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent offenders!

  • The Prison Lobby is Destroying America!

    This article outlines some disturbing patterns like “prison occupancy requirements” that could only happen in "the leader of the free world", America

  • A Bevy of Appellate issues for Jodi Arias

    Occupy has found a bevy of appellate issues to be used in the appellate process for Jodi Arias, which will inevitably land her a new trial

  • The Profiteers of the Jodi Arias Trial

    Dave Hall, Taylor Searle, David Hughes (left), and Chris Hughes were among many who profited from the death of Travis Alexander and trial of Jodi Arias

  • Why Are These Prosecutors Not Disbarred?

    Prosecutors Linda Drane-Burdick and Jeff Ashton knowingly lied during the Casey Anthony trial. So how have they been "rewarded" with superior positions instead of being disbarred?

  • Aaron Hernandez Proclaims Innocence

    Aaron Hernandez recently wrote a letter from his jail cell that expressed his belief in his innocence, saying his murder charges are God’s plan, and vowing to return to the NFL