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Occupy HLNOccupy HLN is committed to exposing the deception and disinformation of HLN, the propaganda arm of the prison lobby.  Somehow, the nation has been persuaded by tabloid yellow journalism.  In the process, our constitution has been altered.  The burden of proof has been shifted to the defendant, prosecutors are regularly overcharging to plea bargain, or “settle” for a charge they’d like, due process has been thrown out the window, the presumption of innocence has disappeared, and trial-by-media is the new law of the land.


  • We report accurate legal information regarding current, past, and future trials — often times information HLN either doesn’t want you to know, or information that Scot Safon and his team feels isn’t worth the ratings.  Often, this conflicts — initially — with your own thinking, as many are accustomed to the HLN/mainstream media way of thinking.
  • Occupy HLN is not related to the Occupy Wall St. movement.
  • We are not a Republican, Democrat, conservative, or liberal movement.  We are a humanitarian movement.
  • We have the ambition to realize that our country can do better; our criminal justice system is broken.
  • We feel that housing 25% of the world’s prison population in a country that contains 4.5% of the world’s population is ludicrous.
  • We feel that premeditated state-sponsored murder is equivalent to barbarism, as is solitary confinement.
  • We feel that judges and prosecutors have too much authority and abuse this authority in far too many cases.
  • And, naturally, we feel that the ungoverned media in this country influences far too many in the court of public opinion, and, unfortunately, far too many in the courtroom itself.  Special interest group money infiltrating our judicial system is corrupting it.
  • We must stop the sensationalizing of crime and punishment in our society.
    As Ryan Ferguson was freed, another rogue prosecutor in Kevin Crane exposed, HLN chose to ignore this, and was trying to glean viewers and ratings in by promoting their “Cliff Bride” story. They’re sensationalizing a crime — whether there was a crime or not — for their own profiteering purposes. This is not the role of the media; this is yellow journalism. The issue here is that HLN has a virtual monopoly over the high-profile crimes “market”. And due to their ratings, real and veritable media outlets are forced to resort to similar tactics. This directly warps due process — in the court of public opinion, and ultimately, in the courtroom itself.
  • We must put an end to the “tough on crime” phenomenon.
    Every politician wants to be “tougher on crime” than the incumbent or previous politician. This leads to a vicious cycle of building more and more prisons, and incarcerating more and more people — whether the charges are fair or not. And it’s the main reason why America has 25% of the world’s prisoners with only 4.5% of the world’s population.
  • We must put an end to malicious prosecutions.
    Prosecutors regularly violate their oath and overcharge a defendant in order to get them to plead down to a lesser sentence — which is unconstitutional.  And when an individual’s sentencing guidelines are, for instance, 0-23 months, prosecutors routinely say (in a perfunctory manner) that the defendant is “the worst of the worst” or the defendant “shows no remorse”; prosecutors can recite these lines in their sleep. This isn’t right. There are cases that call for leniency. People do not need to be spending the rest of their natural lives in prison due to a certain amount of grams of a drug in their possession.
  • We must limit wrongful convictions to the best of our ability.
    We have far too many wrongful convictions in this country. Our criminal justice system is broken. If one dares to go to trial, anything can happen, whether you’re guilty or whether you were halfway around the globe when the alleged crime occurred. A trial is a risk often not worth taking; this is why so many defendants plead guilty to a lesser charge or an agreed-upon sentence — to avoid the risk of a trial, even if they’re innocent. The prosecutor can then boast about his/her 97% conviction rate. And when going to trial, why does the prosecution get two closing arguments and the defendant gets only one? I realize the second closing argument is referred to as a “rebuttal”, but it’s really a second closing argument that often sways a jury to a wrongful conviction.
  • We must end mandatory minimum and truth-in-sentencing statutes.
    Mandatory minimums sentence people to enormously harsh amounts of time, and unnecessarily so. While this is wonderful for politicians and the prison lobby, the ultimate losers are not just the defendants themselves, but America in general. Truth-in-sentencing statutes eliminate “good time” or “gain time” from a sentence. So if an individual is sentenced, for instance, to a term of 4-10 years in the department of corrections, if they behave perfectly, work, and engage in the ridiculous programs prisons have to offer, they might get out in 4 years — if they’re lucky. We must abolish all mandatory minimums and truth-in-sentencing statutes, in the states that institute them.
  • We must restore our penal system to one of rehabilitation, not punishment.
    The goal of our penal system should be to rehabilitate real criminals who committed real crimes and change their thinking and behaviors so they do not re-offend. Unfortunately, our current system is about incarceration and punishment. When a convict goes to jail or prison, they learn criminal behaviors. They become bitter, as acrimonious feelings are pent up. The programs in prison stink. The sentences are too long. When the prisoner is released, he/she is almost always worse off and more likely to re-offend than when they came in.
  • We must make use of modern technologies.
    We have tether systems and other things that can easily substitute for incarceration. This would allow those convicted to avoid the bitterness that builds up when incarcerated, and would allow them to be gainfully employed and pay taxes.
  • We must quell the prison lobby.
    Correctional officer unions, big business like Keefe and Access, the American Legislative Council (ALEC), the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), and other special interest groups have a huge stake in building more prisons; their livelihood depends upon it.  HLN is the voice of the prison lobby.  We must become aware of these rogue individuals, expose them, and counter their narrative wherever they go.
  • We must change America’s way of thinking to a more progressive way of thinking.
    America is the Incarceration Nation. We see a crime glorified on television, and our emotions are churned. This leads to a mentality of a “culture of revenge”. Americans know of one way to handle someone accused of a crime: go to jail and stay there. We can think of no alternatives like work release, tethers, programs, inpatient or outpatient treatment.
  • We must end this “culture of revenge” and abolish the death penalty.
    We’re the only country in the western hemisphere that hasn’t abolished it yet. The continents of Australia and Europe have abolished the death penalty — which I refer to as premeditated state-sponsored murder. Although India and Japan still have capital punishment on their books, the USA is still the only developed democracy that practices murdering its own convicts on a regular basis. It’s time for the USA to join the developed world and abolish the death penalty.

The media lobby and prison lobby are closely attached.  HLN is the primary nexus between the two.  HLN’s modus operandI is using yellow journalism to rouse emotions and override intellect.

Yellow journalism, or the yellow press, is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers.  Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism.  By extension, the term yellow journalism is used today as a pejorative to decry any journalism that treats news in an unprofessional or unethical fashion.

Their practice involves creating the ‘soap opera effect’, essentially searching for polarizing stories where the eye does not meet reality. The producers find cases involving young, attractive individuals (Scott Peterson, Duke Lacrosse, Casey Anthony, Jodi Arias, etc.), take away their presumption of innocence and espouse lies or half-truths, and invoke the ad-hominem to rouse the emotions of people for their own personal profiteering agenda.


Our purpose is to enlighten others to the fact that HLN is an entertainment show akin to The Enquirer tabloid magazine.  We bring you accurate news that HLN and the media outlets that follow them won’t tell you or don’t want you to know.  While many believe they’re a source for news, they’re not a news source.  Their sole purpose is to do what The Enquirer does: rouse emotions and profit off false, hogwash yellow journalism.  We encourage others to boycott HLN and rely on reputable sources for news and information.  We have a mission to end trial-by-media and safeguard our due process — including fair trials, prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges playing by the rules, the presumption of innocence, and the right for the accused to put forth a defense without the media mob saying that the accused is “trashing the victim”.


Occupy is a burgeoning community of passionate activists who feel strongly about the miscarriages of justice and the need to safeguard our constitutional rights to due process. You will find Occupiers opining on our many social media places from Facebook to this site. We extend the conversation to our radio blog, where we invite guests to speak on topics ranging from issues in the criminal justice system to how the media lobby is affecting personal lives.

The idea is to get these rogue politicians, judges, and prosecutors out of office and lessen the ratings of media outlets that glorify crime and punishment.  Occupy will also continue to expose unethical journalists, rogue judges, rogue prosecutors (plus defense attorneys) and corrupt police officers that add to this debacle.

Occupy will not be intimidated by the media lobby or corrupt prosecutors.  And we won’t shut up until all of these corrupt individuals eroding our judicial system are either toned-down, off-air, out of office, or in jail.

Jason Weber
Founder of Occupy HLN. Hockey player-turned-professional. Graduate of Cornell University's Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management '97. Sports fanatic, enjoy networking, and keeping up with current events. Technocrat, Schema, SEO, blogaholic, social media contributor, Stack Exchange contributor, and keeping up with G's daily algorithmic alterations.
Jason Weber


Protecting your constitutional civil rights of due process from yellow journalism, the trial-by-media lynch-mob, & the prison lobby
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Jason Weber
Jason Weber