Is Judge Sherry Stephens Part of the Hughes Mormon Coverup?

Chris and Sky Hughes

Ponzi Scheme Liars Chris and Sky Hughes – Click to enlarge

Over the past 3 to  4 months, many have been wondering why Judge Sherry Stephens has been so “prosecution-friendly”, letting short-man Rock Star Juan Martinez get away with just about anything he wants to get away with in court.  It’s okay for Juan to scream at witnesses, make facial gestures, flail his arms, pound tables, throw papers around, and throw pens at witnesses without being admonished or thrown in jail.  It’s part of the reason Jose Baez has admitted that Juan Martinez has lost the jury.

Surely, many can recall when Judge Belvin Perry threw Matthew Bartlett in jail for 6 days for flipping Jeff Ashton (the laughing prosecutor) the bird.  However Belvin Perry continued to allow Jeff Ashton to laugh and even did so himself, without throwing Ashton (or himself) in the Orange County jail.

So now Sherry Stephens let’s the arrogant and defiant Martinez get away with all of his courtroom antics. 

Chris & Sky Hughes are a pair of lying dishonest jerks — and in that regard, they’re a perfect match for each other.

So when it came to the trial, they were ultimately faced with these 2 distinct choices:

[1] Helping Jodi by confirming Travis’ mental & physical abuse of Jodi AND other women, together with their knowledge of his pedophilia-related antics and his “age of attraction”, or …

[2] Helping themselves by flat out denying everything they know, and denying everything they discussed in their email exchanges with Travis (aka “lying”).

It must have been a very difficult decision to make, but they ultimately decided to help themselves and, in turn, keep all their Mormon chums happy.  After all, why would they want to tell the truth about con man Travis (and help Jodi) when it wouldn’t benefit them socially or financially?

Chris Hughes already confirmed he’s firmly on the prosecution’s side, so sure he’s gonna do all he can to fly the flag for them, including stating to the media (on behalf of Martinez) that the TA letters were forged – even though he knows they were not. He knows, having seen some of them, that they’re genuine. He even wrote to TA to tell him he wasn’t treating Jodi right.

The email exchanges also specifically discussed TA’s “age of attraction” when it comes to children, which (as far as I recall) Sky was somewhat surprised at. This ties together the earlier pedophile rumors pertaining to TA and his preference for pigtails & 12 years old’s, does it not?

In fact both Chris & Sky Hughes emailed Travis telling him he was being abusive to Jodi back in 2007. This started to come out again in Alyce LaViolette’s direct testimony – despite repeated & futile objections from Martinez.

Unfortunately, we now know that Sky Hughes confessed that she wouldn’t let Travis date her own sister due to his violent history with ex girlfriends.  And according to the USA Today, the Hughes coverup is more apparent:

What was not mentioned in court Thursday was the history of the emails. A defense filing from January 2011 details the efforts Arias’ attorneys went to obtain them. Initially the prosecution told the defense attorneys that there were no available text messages sent or received by Alexander and then was ordered to turn over several hundred.

Furthermore, according to the filing, the case agent, Mesa police Detective Esteban Flores, told the defense attorneys that there was nothing “out of the ordinary” among Alexander’s emails; about 8,000 were turned over to the defense in June 2010, including the Hughes emails.

The 2011 filing details the email contents, including “A response from Mr. Hughes … wherein he asserts that he believes Jodi would be his (Travis’) next victim and that Jodi was just another girl that he (Travis) was playing.” Alexander allegedly replied by saying “I am a bit of a sociopath.”

Other emails from Sky Hughes, the filing says, say that Alexander considered Arias to be a “booty call,” and said “How he, Mr. Alexander, was abusive to Jodi and … how he was beating her emotionally in part by making out with her without giving her a commitment.” And there is an email from another woman Alexander was seeing at the time “wherin she complains of Mr. Alexander’s conduct making her feel used and dirty.”

How much of those emails make it into testimony remains to be seen. Chris and Sky Hughes have already testified for the prosecution regarding an earlier allegation of misconduct by Martinez, but the topic of the emails was not discussed. They could be called back.

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