Partying With the Prosecution: Why HLN Let Beth Karas Go

Beth Karas and Jeff Ashton

Beth Karas and Casey Anthony Corrupt Prosecutor Jeff Ashton were good pals – Click to enlarge

Beth Karas was terminated from HLN on June 5th, 2013.  This was rumored to have been happening since way back in March, so most were not caught off guard with this.  Beth was a prosecutor in New York City for 8 years prior to ditching her prosecutorial dreams for a career on television.  She joined Court TV in 1994 and has been pounding the airwaves since.  So why was she let go so abruptly?

It’s not a coincidence that Beth Karas was let go just after the Jodi Arias trial —  a trial in which HLN profited enormously.  In CNN’s own words:

Before you lob cries of a sensationalist media profiting off a gruesome death, realize that people are clamoring for the coverage. HLN has enjoyed a ratings boost since the trial began, and people drive hours to see the trial for themselves.

If CNN thinks they’re going to shut Occupy up, they’re quite mistaken.  This isn’t about a “gruesome death”, CNN — there are many “gruesome deaths” every day.  The more attractive a young female is, the more of a “race case” it is, they realize that their ratings will soar, and CNN knows this.  General Manager Scot Safon is a prudent businessman.

The Misguided Perception of Beth Karas
But Occupy is also prudent, and noticed some strange behaviors by Beth Karas during the Jodi Arias trial.  Known as one of the more “moderate” voice on HLN — per HLN’s standards — Beth was ostensibly pleasant and not too biased; just a little biased, but that’s okay, right?  Anyway, Occupy has long disagreed with this assertion of Beth’s character.  It’s always been Occupy’s opinion that Beth Karas was a prosecution hawk who posed as a moderate.

Beth Karas Partying with Prosecution Witnesses

Beth Karas Partying with Prosecution Witnesses DURING TRIAL – Click to enlarge

We all know that HLN is a prosecutor’s best friend.  If a prosecutor can lobby HLN to cover their case, they’ll achieve fame and stardom.  Defense attorneys?  Not so much.  As we know, during the Casey Anthony trial, Beth Karas became close friends with Jeff Ashton.  But Beth did not become close friends with Jose Baez.  Defense attorneys know that if their case is covered by HLN, they’re at a huge disadvantage.

But did Beth Karas take this bias TOO far in the Jodi Arias trial?  Well, we know Beth Karas was caught partying with prosecution witnesses Chris Hughes, Sky Hughes, Dan Freeman (and his sister, Desiree Freeman), and Deanna Reid.  While this is egregious in and of itself, it’s even more atrocious, Beth was partying with these prosecution witnesses during the Jodi Arias trial!

The Journalistic Code of Ethics
Unlike most countries, the United States does not have a standard, universal code of ethics that “journalists” must follow.  That’s why you have a National Enquirer or an HLN — tabloid propaganda sells, and there’s nothing to govern it.  Almost every media outlet has their own code of ethics to follow.  Nevertheless, the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) is the most widely-recognized code of ethics used as a guideline for most media outlets.  HLN is guilty of just about every SPJ ethical code, but among the SPJ ethical codes Occupy feels that Beth Karas is in direct violation of are:

  • Avoid conflicts of interest, real or perceived.
  • Remain free of associations and activities that may compromise integrity or damage credibility.
  • Be vigilant and courageous about holding those with power accountable.
  • Deny favored treatment to advertisers and special interests and resist their pressure to influence news coverage.
  • Be wary of sources offering information for favors or money; avoid bidding for news.
Beth Karas Partying with More Prosecution Witnesses. How many showed up that evening? This is DURING TRIAL!

Beth Karas Partying with More Prosecution Witnesses. How many showed up that evening? This is DURING TRIAL! – Click to enlarge

It’s preposterous to think that Beth Karas didn’t have a conflict of interest and it’s ridiculous to think Beth Karas wasn’t in violation of the SPJ code of ethics.  All Americans who support due process should be outraged by this!  How can you go on air, where HLN has a monopoly over the high crimes “market”, and pretend to be some impartial journalist covering a trial of enormous proportions like the Jodi Arias trial, but yet party with the prosecution witnesses while the cameras are off?

Furthermore, what does this say about the involvement of Beth Karas in the Mormon Media Blitz?  Has Beth Karas converted to Mormonism herself?  Why were Chris Hughes, Abe Abdelhadi, Clancy Talbot, Sky Hughes, and others constantly being interviewed by HLN?

Where was the balance?  Why wasn’t Beth Karas partying with Alyce Laviolette, Dr. Richard Samuels, or Dr. Robert Geffner?  Why wasn’t Beth Karas partying with Darryl Brewer or another Travis Alexander ex-girlfriend, Lisa Daidone?  Is it because Travis cheated on Lisa Daidone?  Why wasn’t she partying with these witnesses?  Why weren’t these witnesses given the same airtime on HLN?


Beth Karas and Nancy Grace are in yet another lawsuit -- this time libel.

Beth Karas and Nancy Grace are in yet another lawsuit — this time libel. Click to enlarge

Why Beth Karas Was Let Go
Regardless, we can debate why Beth Karas was let go.  Everything mentioned to this point has been one theory.

Others may presume that Beth Karas was let go because she was “too moderate” for HLN.  HLN is tabloid propaganda — not a news source — and some suggest that Beth Karas was too dedicated to honest journalism (thus admitting that HLN is tabloid propaganda.

Occupy isn’t buying this.  Beth Karas had most likely been buddying up with prosecution witnesses since the beginning of the trial, and perhaps even before the trial, so she could get cheap inside, biased information from one side and report that hogwash on HLN.  So what did Scot Safon and the HLN brass think?  They felt this would look horrible to them, if caught, and they felt this would strongly encourage an appeals court to grant Jodi Arias a new trial! So they had to let Beth go!

So what did HLN do?  They let Beth Karas go.  But too late!  The damage has already been done, and the cozy relationship between HLN, Beth Karas, and the prosecution witnesses in the Jodi Arias case have been long-exposed.

Deanna Reid sharing pics with Beth Karas DURING TRIAL the day after partying with her

Deanna Reid sharing pics with Beth Karas DURING TRIAL the day ater partying with her

Click to enlarge

Deanna Reid sharing pics with Beth Karas DURING TRIAL the day after partying with her

Deanna Reid sharing pics with Beth Karas DURING TRIAL the day ater partying with her

Click to enlarge

Chris Hughes Tweeted this picture with Beth Karas DURING TRIAL the day after partying with her

Chris Hughes tweeted his pic, partying with Beth Karas on May 23rd, although it was taken May 22nd -- DURING TRIAL

Click to enlarge

Some may think I’m too harsh on Beth Karas.  Of course I’m harsh!  Remember, Beth Karas may have been partying with the prosecution as early as March — or sooner.  As a watchdog of HLN, I have no choice BUT to be harsh!  Millions of people are influenced by the hogwash on this channel, and yellow journalism like this MUST be exposed!  Beth Karas even has her own support page!  If HLN was to continue this brainwashing of the American populace without any checks and balances, our judicial system and media lobby would be even more corrupt than it already is!

Scot Safon

Scot Safon – White Collar Criminal? Click to enlarge

HLN has successfully altered the constitution so that the burden of proof has been shifted over to the defense.  According to HLN, you are presumed guilty and must prove your innocence — just like in North Korea and Iran.  They’re trying desperately to alter due process so that the accused to not have the right to put forth a defense.  Anybody who has the gall to even mention the fact that Travis Alexander was abusive is “trashing the victim”.  This nonsensical crap must come to an end

As long as HLN continues to profit, most likely this doesn’t signal the dominoes falling, as Scot Safon and Nancy Grace continue to rake in millions.  But rest-assured, Occupy will expose journalistic malfeasance like the kind Beth Karas has engaged in whenever possible.

As always, leave your thoughts and comment(s) below!

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