Juan Martinez Loses His Mind in Court — HLN enraged!

Juan Martinez

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April 4th, 2013: Just when you thought you’d seen it all, noted sociopath and Jodi Arias prosecutor Juan Martinez seemed to amaze everybody once again.  On Thursday, April 4th, 2013, Juan Martinez cross-examined witness and world-renowned expert on domestic abuse, Alyce Laviolette.  Juan Martinez questioned her on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs — for 3 hours and 25 minutes.  You may ask yourself, “What?!?!” … well, everybody is asking themselves that — including HLN.

Nancy Grace was so disgusted with Juan Martinez, she refused to acknowledge any of his cross examination on her show today.  Instead, she focused on the fact that Jodi was involved in a minor scuffle with a cellmate, and that Jodi has been caught with a pen 7 times during her 4 years in that cell.  How terrible!  A prisoner under the presumption of innocence wanted to write a letter and used a pen — against Maricopa County Jail policies!  Are you kidding me?

But just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for the prosecution, on and on went the egotistical Martinez.  LaViolette explained to him that the title of one of the seminars she does was indeed called “Was Snow White a Battered Woman?” but that the title was just to catch the attention of viewers, and that the content of her seminar had nothing to do with the current case.  Martinez continued to cut Laviolette off in the middle of her answers when he wasn’t getting the response(s) he wanted.  This baffling set of questions went on for, as mentioned, almost 4 hours!  The jury has been long lost.  They’re surely more enraged at Juan Martinez than they were before.  He’s embarrassing the state of Arizona, the judicial system, and the entire legal profession.  To his credit, however, this time, Juan Martinez didn’t throw his pen at the witness.

On the Dr. Drew show, Mark Eiglarsh, Lauren Lake, Loni Coombs, and Cheryl Arutt were all guests.  All agreed in unison that “(We) are pro-prosecution.  (We) support Juan Martinez.  (We) just don’t understand his thinking.  He’s losing his mind!” … so much for partial journalism.  This is yellow journalism at its finest.  They’re admitting their bias right on the airwaves.  After discussing how befuddled they were, they discussed Jodi Arias’ hair style for 23 minutes.  These are things a creative novelist couldn’t make up!  Wait — YES — they discussed her hairdo for over 20 minutes!  Vinnie Politan was so disgusted, he couldn’t talk about the events in the courtroom either.  All he could discuss was Jodi’s lapses in memory (which everybody has when in stressful situations)!

So this non-sequestered jury is left with yet another day of balderdash from the psychotic Martinez, while he spoke spoke for hours about Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.  You can bet HLN that disGrace, Politan, JVM, and the entire HLN criminal enterprise will do their best to sway any viewer’s attention away from the lack of concrete facts involved in the case and continue to demagogue the case with irrelevant propaganda.  HLN will talk about pens in jail, or Jodi’s hair, but not the lack of evidence!  Is that all Nancy could conjure up in the HLN War Room?

Remember — this isn’t Iran or North Korean — you can’t convict on emotion and gut feeling!  This is America, and you can only convict if there is sufficient evidence proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  Thus far, this standard is not even close to being met.

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