Juan Martinez Loses His Mind in Court — HLN enraged!

Juan Martinez

Sociopath Juan Martinez – Click to enlarge

April 4th, 2013: Just when you thought you’d seen it all, noted sociopath and Jodi Arias prosecutor Juan Martinez seemed to amaze everybody once again.  On Thursday, April 4th, 2013, Juan Martinez cross-examined witness and world-renowned expert on domestic abuse, Alyce Laviolette.  Juan Martinez questioned her on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs — for 3 hours and 25 minutes.  You may ask yourself, “What?!?!” … well, everybody is asking themselves that — including HLN.

Nancy Grace was so disgusted with Juan Martinez, she refused to acknowledge any of his cross examination on her show today.  Instead, she focused on the fact that Jodi was involved in a minor scuffle with a cellmate, and that Jodi has been caught with a pen 7 times during her 4 years in that cell.  How terrible!  A prisoner under the presumption of innocence wanted to write a letter and used a pen — against Maricopa County Jail policies!  Are you kidding me?

But just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for the prosecution, on and on went the egotistical Martinez.  LaViolette explained to him that the title of one of the seminars she does was indeed called “Was Snow White a Battered Woman?” but that the title was just to catch the attention of viewers, and that the content of her seminar had nothing to do with the current case.  Martinez continued to cut Laviolette off in the middle of her answers when he wasn’t getting the response(s) he wanted.  This baffling set of questions went on for, as mentioned, almost 4 hours!  The jury has been long lost.  They’re surely more enraged at Juan Martinez than they were before.  He’s embarrassing the state of Arizona, the judicial system, and the entire legal profession.  To his credit, however, this time, Juan Martinez didn’t throw his pen at the witness.

On the Dr. Drew show, Mark Eiglarsh, Lauren Lake, Loni Coombs, and Cheryl Arutt were all guests.  All agreed in unison that “(We) are pro-prosecution.  (We) support Juan Martinez.  (We) just don’t understand his thinking.  He’s losing his mind!” … so much for partial journalism.  This is yellow journalism at its finest.  They’re admitting their bias right on the airwaves.  After discussing how befuddled they were, they discussed Jodi Arias’ hair style for 23 minutes.  These are things a creative novelist couldn’t make up!  Wait — YES — they discussed her hairdo for over 20 minutes!  Vinnie Politan was so disgusted, he couldn’t talk about the events in the courtroom either.  All he could discuss was Jodi’s lapses in memory (which everybody has when in stressful situations)!

So this non-sequestered jury is left with yet another day of balderdash from the psychotic Martinez, while he spoke spoke for hours about Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.  You can bet HLN that disGrace, Politan, JVM, and the entire HLN criminal enterprise will do their best to sway any viewer’s attention away from the lack of concrete facts involved in the case and continue to demagogue the case with irrelevant propaganda.  HLN will talk about pens in jail, or Jodi’s hair, but not the lack of evidence!  Is that all Nancy could conjure up in the HLN War Room?

Remember — this isn’t Iran or North Korean — you can’t convict on emotion and gut feeling!  This is America, and you can only convict if there is sufficient evidence proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  Thus far, this standard is not even close to being met.


  1. says

    What the hell is wrong with you “journalists”? For SOME reason unbeknownst to your readers, you people have a tendency to “GET SHIT WRONG”!!!


    First, the pens that you have your tirade about were UNAUTHORIZED. If you are unsure what that means, that means that Jodi Arias was NOT ALLOWED to have them. She HID them under her bunk and inside shampoo bottles!! Those are infractions that receive disciplinary action…DUH!

    Second, if LaViolette would have answered the questions that were POSED to her, she would NOT have been cut off. It seems that NONE of the defenses’ witnesses have the ability to state a simple “Yes” or “No”. Instead, they have to go off on some tangent that had nothing to do with the question that was asked. Guess they ‘think’ their sneaky tactics of ‘slipping information’ is going to fly!

    Third, it is OBVIOUS you are “reporting” on a topic you know NOTHING about because Martinez did NOT cross examine her for 3 hours and 25 minutes!! After the COMA-FEST we all endured on defenses’ direct examination, Martinez (who is FAR from being a sociopath or psychotic) – maybe you should invest in a DSM-IV) was able to cross LaViolette for approximately THIRTY-SIX MINUTES!!

    Fourth, the statement you made, “This is yellow journalism at its finest” must have been a self-proclaiming statement considering the bullshit you wrote in this garbage you call an “article”.

    Lastly, your last paragraph – “Remember – this isn’t Iran or North Korean (should be Korea) – you can’t convict on emotion and gut feeling! This is America, and you can only convict if there is sufficient evidence proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Thus far, this standard is not even close to being met”. Like I stated before, it is SO OBVIOUS you are NOT watching the trial because that statement, like others you’ve made is total and absolute bullshit!

    In all honesty, you should REALLY stay with Economics because you are clueless when it comes to Criminal Justice and Criminal Procedure. I can almost GUARANTEE you have no clue what “reasonable doubt” even means!!

    FINAL THOUGHT…..RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH because your ‘off-the-cuff’ “reporting” is a JOKE!!

    • says

      Let’s just break down what you said, point-by-point, Sheri.

      (1) So pens weren’t allowed. Big deal! When you’re locked in a cage 24 hours a day, like it’s so “evil” to sneak a pen in there so you can write and draw. Excuse her. Our jails breed violence and craziness because they’re so confined and restrictive. I’m not saying jail should be a playground, but to chasten someone ’cause they had a pen and equate that to murder is just lunacy.

      (2) LaViolette answers every question posed to her! But when Rock Star Juan doesn’t get the answer he’s looking for, he abruptly cuts her off, throws pens at the witness, raises his voice, screams, and throws a tantrum in an effort to intimidate the witness. Not every question is a “yes” or “no” question like Rock Star Juan wants. He should let the witnesses (including LaViolette) respond. If the prosecutor doesn’t like the answer, he shouldn’t ask the question. Isn’t the prosecutor’s job to seek the truth? Or is it to “win at all costs”?

      (3) I gave the correct time Rock Star Juan cross-examined her. I don’t make up facts; everything I post is accurate. Sociopath: a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is often criminal, and lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscious. How can Rock Star throw pens at witnesses, scream at ‘em, cut ‘em off, lie, and then sign autographs and pose for photo ops an hour later? I’ll say it again: Martinez is a sociopath who doesn’t care about the truth — he only cares about “winning” and fulfilling his massive ego.

      (4) Look at the definition of yellow journalism in the “about us” section. HLN is classic yellow journalism.

      (5) Name-calling and inferring I’m dumb, calling it bullshit isn’t a strong way to make your point. You’re just used to the HLN yellow journalism brainwash, and perhaps this was a shock to you — accurate reporting. It’s the reason I started this a month ago and I won’t quit until these criminal prosecutors and yellow journalists are fired or locked up.

      • says

        I see a little jealousy here a washed up hockey player VS. a ROCK STAR PROSECUTOR who has put more people on death row then you could count. He is the number 1 prosecutor in Arizona

        • says

          If the #1 prosecutor in Arizona is Rock Star Juan, then it’s understandable that our 3rd youngest state is in a ton of trouble. This clown throws pens at witnesses, can’t control his temper, and is dishonorable to the entire legal profession. On a side note, the murder penalty is off the table. I’m glad I don’t live in Arizona. They probably pay 90% in taxes to listen to Rock Star Juan’s 4 hour story on Snow White — during a murder trial! Even HLN, the most biased network out there (more so than Fox News or MSNBC), thinks he’s a garbage prosecutor.

          And I’m not jealous of anybody who’s 5’4″ with the intellect of a rat.

      • AreYouKiddingMe! says

        Jason, I am not sure what trial you are watching. LaViolette does NOT answer the questions as posed. Instead, she feels the need to expound outside the scope of the question. She knows where Mr. Martinez is headed, and she knows she is screwed. SHE should be held in contempt for the number of times she has been admonished by the court to answer the questions AS ASKED!

        As for the pens, you do know that they can be used as a weapon, yes? (THAT IS A YES OR NO QUESTION…Let’s see if you can do better than LaViolette)

        And this is a woman who has ADMITTEDLY shot a man in the head, stabbed him 27 times and slit his throat ear to ear, correct?

        • says

          The pens weren’t being used for weapons, and if the deputies thought they were, she’d be escorted to ad-seg, and it’d be all over the news. It’s a non-story; it’s a mere HLN propaganda piece. I think LaViolette completely answers the questions, but three things. (1) If Rock Star doesn’t like her response, he abruptly and rudely cuts her off and raises his tiny little voice, and (2) Rock Star isn’t intelligent enough to realize that not every question can be simply answered with a “yes/no”. (3) Judge Jerk, Sherry Stephens, refuses to control her courtroom, letting Rock Star sign autographs, throw pens and papers, scream at witnesses, etc. … and Judge Jerk already set the stage for an appeal by not sequestering the jury. And she really didn’t wanna boot Juror 5, but she wants credit for this case. She needs a cell in Maricopa next to Rock Star Juan.

      • says

        Most people look at a pen as something to write or draw with. We don’t work in prisons where simple things such as this or a toothbrush or anything else we see as harmless, inmates see as a potential weapon. I did a little reading up on this and was amazed at just what kinds of things inmates used to make weapons or anything else. chess pieces, playing cards. its truly amazing.

        Hogsett discussed the zero-tolerance approach his office has toward
        the possession of weapons in the federal prison system because of the
        inherent danger to corrections officers who already face challenging
        situations in their day to day employment, as well as other prisoners.
        Hogsett noted that in the past, correctional officers in Terre Haute
        have been assaulted by inmates who manage to craft a weapon from
        something as common as a pen, a kitchen utensil, or a piece of fence.

        “If smuggled inside the complex, contraband becomes power,” Hogsett
        added. “We will do everything that we can to ensure that the power stays
        firmly in the hands of those who run the prison, not in the hands of
        those who reside there.”

      • says

        I agree and disagree with you.

        The reason it IS a big deal that she keeps hiding pens in her cell, has nothing to do with her being an artist and wanting to draw. It is because pens are often used as weapons in jails. I know she has taken several classes while in jail, so it isn’t as if she is deprived. I DO AGREE however that that information is NOT HEADLINE NEWS. A total waste of time reporting on that versus the bigger issues going on in this case. Pitiful reporting IMO.

        The absolute most ridiculous thing I have seen is how one reporter, one website or tv station or supporters refuse to concede one point in this case. It is ignorant and immature. My opinion is she did premeditate it. HOWEVER, I concede that a few things have made me pause. I have no evidence Travis battered her. I concede I do see signs of him saying really harsh things to her, and even making “threatening” comments to her in some of the texts. I think the defense should have tried harder on focusing on these things.

        I concede that his friends on all of these shows running JA in the ground now, probably liked her at one time. While I wouldn’t like her either if she killed my loved one, I bet many of them did not actually “notice from the start” or “think” she was dangerous. Maybe some did, but ALL of them.
        Doubt it. So I am sick of seeing them on tv.

        I do think there is evidence she premeditated the murder. However, if she is found “not guilty” it is because of Juan Martinez. While I appreciate aggressiveness, and have serious worries about JA’s less than stellar, less than passionate defense, he is out of control. It is embarrrassing. I don’t care about him signing autograhs because that was innocent an unexpected. He shouldn’t have gone out that door, however. But the “popping veins by yelling at the top of his lungs”, the accusatory words and bats^&t CRAZY remarks such as “do you want to spar with me?”, W-R-O-N-G! Who in the hell allows that in their courtroom? I actually turned the channel it was so bad. I do not see how there will not be an appeal granted because of this, and/or the hearsay that was allowed in by Mimi Hall’s testimony regarding slashed tires, her using the word “stalker” before it was allowed in, and doggie doors being crawled through. All of that, while I believe it, is “hearsay”, prejudice against the defendant. WHY her defense didn’t object is a mystery to me.
        While I do think Jodi is a liar, I think she also has spoken truths. So this waste of time discussion of every word she says is false on all of these shows is ludicrous. I could go on but I won’t.

      • says

        Hey Jason. Can’t find ANYTHING about you being a hockey player as your bio seems to boast about. Who did you play for?? Oh, and you were so close to guessing the outcome of this trial!!!!!!!! Please tell me that you’re not Canadian

      • John Strange says

        The Snow White angle by Martinez was a proven winner. It illuminated for the jury just how biased Mrs Laviolette was against men. Maybe in her next speech she will show how Bugs Bunny was battered by Elmer Fudd. Unfortunately we may never hear about it because Go Ask Alyce will never be hired again to testify in a criminal trial.

    • says

      He was a hockey player nd obviously on the wrong end of a puck, one too many times; what do you expect? He’s a professional now. Not quite sure what he is professional at but it certainly is not at accurate reporting. Good for you Sherry. I would match your writing skills to his any day. Good luck getting in Jodi’s pants, sir. I do not believe they offer conjugal visits where Ms. Arias is now or where she will be going.

    • says

      Thank you Sherri. Awe the know it all journalist can get on your nerve with following a crime as if it were a hockey game. So if a trial does not give HLN the message it needs for the ratings they desire so they can move their gums, the prosecutor is crazy. What a joke

    • says

      TRAVIS’ BLOG: “I’m a [sic] owner of clothing company (CAFGSS)
      that promotes modesty amongst the ladies.”

      Well, except for when we’re having “marathon sex for hours”,
      “I’m working that bootie” and “tossing her salad for 45 minutes
      solid”, “my d*** is all the way up her a**”, “we’re making
      legitimate porn”, I’m not “wacking off at least 2-3 times a
      day”, “I’m raping her”, “I’m giving her a cream pie”, etc. You
      know what I mean! Word, homies! Did I mention I also enjoy
      jamming a Tootsie Pop up my ex-girlfriend’s sn**** and then
      eating it? Cause I totally do. But only after she bl**s me with

      a mouth full of Pop Rocks.

      P.S. God is my Savior, I am single and a virgin, yada, yada,

      • ✨OneBlessedChick✨ ✌ says

        Travis’ sex life is not on trial here…that’s for him & G-d to work out. And since you stray so far from the facts, let me fill you in: Jodi Ann Arias WAS on trial for Murder and the jury came back with the verdict of MURDER 1 with CRUELTY and she is ELIGIBLE FOR THE DEATH PENALTY. Are you up to speed now??

    • says

      Interested how you expect someone to answer a whole barrage of questions in ONE question, when yes fits 2 of them and no fits the other two? He asks questions like that simply because they CAN’T be answere with a yes or no answer, then, when he insists on a yes/no and you choose one because you are getting BROW BEATEN and HARASSED, he then trips you up when he asks the next single question with ONE answer just to show you that you lied on the previous yes/no question!
      THAT, Sherri is what’s sneaky, but I thank you for showing us your favourite, not that I haven’t seen anyone say it before. Its expected as you’re supporting a sociopath. I’m sure you would change your mind pretty quickly if Martinez was shouting at you, but never mind..

  2. Sarah says

    Another like-minded weirdo dude that jerks it to weirdo fantasies about Jodi. Go blog to your weirdo self. Any level-headed person can see this case for what it is- a messed up woman murdered a man from jealousy and rage. She is a manipulator and a liar, and I hope justice comes to knock the smirk right off her stupid face. Go find a cause that is worthy and get your head out of your twisted delusional fantasies.

    • says

      Obviously, Sarah, you’re brainwashed by HLN and need to read more on this website. (1) The “eye test” — who was jealous of who? Look at Travis; of course he was hard-pressed to find a good looking female (just look at his exes, whom he abused, according to good friend Sky Hughes). Look at Jodi … she could have pretty much whoever she wanted. (2) Travis was the manipulator and liar who was constantly calling Jodi over, and was the aggressor according to LaViolette. How can one man beat his exes up, assault security guards, rob stores, ask women to act like a 12 year olds, and then pose as a pious Mormon the following day, claiming to have a direct line to Jesus? Please! (3) Please cease being brainwashed by HLN propaganda and just stick to the facts. Did Jodi handle the abuse the proper way? No; I think there are always alternatives to killing somebody. But it’s hard for me to put myself in her shoes under the control of a deranged lunatic in Travis and giving interviews while locked in solitary confinement.

      • Erin Mack says

        I feel the need to say to you, that Travis had his identity stolen and the crimes that were committed were done so using T’s identity. It was his brother that did those things, and has since come clean with that. The family has always known what happened, but decided to put it behind them because they loved their brother. This was also publicly corroborated when the “robbery” accusations came up recently. His brothers mug shot was even shown. So you missed the bus on that one. And Jodi is NOT in solitary confinement either!! Gotta fact check there Mr. Weber!!!

        • says

          That’s just factually incorrect. Do you not read my website? Travis never was a victim of identity theft. Police don’t arrest a man then claim it’s the same man that looks totally different in court … and then the probation officer claims he looks different, too … what drugs are you smokin’? I want some of the same drugs!

          • says

            I don’t believe that story for one bit. I’m sorry, but Dennis already had his print in the database, since he had been to prison (violence runs in the family). But to believe that police arrested someone and then Travis showed up to court is just befuddling. And then Travis — who did serve 3 years of probation for the assault — showed up to his probation appointments, and the probation officer didn’t notice the disparity in the pictures? I mean, how gullible does one have to be to believe this? And — again — Huffington Post has an agenda. I don’t.

          • says

            Yeah, violence runs in the family (smh)….You SERIOUSLY need to put stop popping that Vicodin or put down the bong! I HAS BEEN PROVEN that Travis’ brother used his brothers ID when the incident occurred. For you to now say that the Huffington Post has an agenda is BEYOND ridiculous! Maybe you should take a few writing lessons from David Lohr, you may learn how a REAL journalist operates. He is after all an INVESTIGATIVE CRIME WRITER…you know, he actually writes FACTS, not speculation and DELUSIONS!

          • says

            Uhm … I don’t drugs, but thanks. Again, if you think it was Dennis who assaulted the security guard, you need to read that portion of my website.

          • says

            Well, if you want to consider drowning out the propaganda that’s brainwashing our country an agenda, then perhaps I have one. But it’s a noble one. I’m not owned by special interest groups and big business. I’m not advertising for ratings. HLN and these corrupt prosecutors can’t say the same thing.

    • says

      Well, Sarah, you’re smarter than America’s foremost expert on domestic violence, Alyce LaViolette. After parsing through their emails and examining their relationship, she came to the conclusion that Travis was the domineering one while Jodi was weak, feeble, and yes — abused. This parallels the statement by Sky Hughes and Gus Searcy that both claimed Travis had a violent temper. Sky even warned Jodi of his temper and admonished her, imploring her to stay away from Travis. Those are the facts. What HLN has been telling you aren’t the facts.

      • Erin Mack says

        Please please don’t bring Searcy into this. That man is a slime ball that was sued by his own child.

        • says

          Erin, you cannot disregard one’s testimony just because you don’t believe in pyramid schemes … but on the same hand, regard others’ testimonies as truthful if you agree with what they said

          • Erin Mack says

            It has nothing to do with pyramid schemes. If it did I would have said so. I have been nothing but forward and honest. I gave you a reason. It had nothing to do with PPL or Legal Shield.

          • says

            But that’s what HLN is doing. Jodi is a pathological liar whose every word is a lie, unless what she said helps the prosecutions’ theories, then it’s, She’s guilty; SHE ADMITTED IT.

  3. Erin Mack says

    Everybody? EVERYBODY?? I have been in some seriously stressful situations in my life and I remember them as clear as a bell. Are you sure that cross went on for almost four hours?? Would you bet your former hockey career on that? If you look here you see that the total time of this piece of video is 1 hour and 8 minutes. At 32:42 Juan says “Ma’am” to begin his cross. If he begins 32, well if we round up, 33 minutes in to something that is only 1 hour and 8 minutes long, then he DID not cross her for almost 4 hours. He crossed her for 35 minutes. If you want to hold someone accountable for their actions, someone such as Mr. Martinez, that has NOT committed a crime, I am surprised that you aren’t upset with the fact that an admitted murderer, whom has repeatedly LIED and killed with such violence is doing something against the rules. Yes it might be a little shitty for her not to be able to draw and write at her own will, but sh was DECEPTIVE in doing it. She is perfectly able to get something to write with when she asks for permission to do so. She has sent handwritten postcards and letters from jail. And in my opinion when you do something as serious as she has, you shouldn’t get any rights except your basic human rights. Writing is not a NEED it’s a WANT. I am sure Travis did not WANT to be murdered, but thanks to Jodi, he isn’t here to ask now is he. Juan might be a little large for life, but he has a passion for what he does. I respect that passion even if I don’t always agree with how he speaks to defense witnesses, that have NO problems answering yes or no with ease when their own team is asking them the questions.

    Jodi drove REPEATEDLY TO Travis. SHE went to him. SHE moved to Mesa after they broke up. Does this not light the bulb, in your head a bit? Travis was bu no means a saint. It’s a shame that he led such a double life. Jodi was obviously pretty good in the sack. If you “came to” in the desert with blood ALL OVER you, and claimed that you did not know what happened, but knew the last thing you remembered was SHOOTING THE MAN YOU “LOVE” (her words) would you not infer that you may have killed the last person you were with? You know, the one you remember you SHOT? What did Jodi do? She cleaned herself up and them drove to Ryan Burns house and got all hot and heavy with him. THAT, sir is a sociopath and a psychopath. If my job was to put people behind bars that have committed crimes like this and then lied tooth and nail, laughed about it, left voice mails on the deceased persons voice mail voicing their happiness in expecting their visit, and, all of the rest of the myriad of BULLSHIT that has fallen off her tongue as easily as honest people tell the truth, I would be freaking out in the courtroom too.

    As far as the Hughes’ go…Have you spoken with them? I have. The emails that they sent were when they were under the impression that Jodi was a good, caring, honest and NORMAL person. Yes the content of those emails was not a good thing. But when they realized something was up and tried to let Travis know he might want to distance himself from her, she was caught eavesdropping on the conversation and came in with a look that worried them so much that they told Travis he was no longer to bring/meet Jodi here because they were afraid of her, and they didn’t want her round their children. Obviously Travis’ “abuse” wasn’t too bad if they allowed ONE LOOK to change their mind about Jodi.

    There aren’t ALWAYS alternatives to handling abuse. There are women out there that have had to honestly kill their spouses/boyfriends due to the fact that their own life was in danger. If she was so scared of him then why the brutality? Why not get a good shot in and run? Because she didn’t kill him in self defense. Even if she killed him because he called some some names, some really awful names, that is not self defense. You have to have an IMMINENT FEAR OF DEATH to kill someone in self defense. I have been called awful names in a relationship. I have been physically abused as well. He is still alive and living in glorious loserdom as a 40 year old occupant of his mother’s basement. The same place that I found him 18 years ago, and ironically the same place I left him 5 years later, alone ironically. I am sure you might say, but isn’t that the same thing Jodi did?? She drove to her abuser? Yes, I did. And I was a fool then. But I also drove away, and that alone, to me, negates the rest.

    Let’s talk about the wounds shall we?? Travis was shot in the face, stabbed in the chest and stabbed in the back. Now. Let’s try to look at his injuries as INDIVIDUALS. If he came at her and she shot him first, (which the lack of bleeding was shown not to occur first) he would have been incapacitated and died, and she could have walked away, but she didn’t. If he was coming at her and she stabbed him in the chest, even ONCE she would have been able to walk away, but she didn’t. If she had slit his throat, obviously she could have walked away, and she didn’t. We cant really even talk about the back wounds here, because his back was turned. Which means she wasn’t trying to kill him and get away, she was trying to kill him. Period. How do you fear for your life with someone’s back to you? Someone that turned their back to you long enough to let you get 9 stab wounds in? He had defense wounds all over his hands that were so deep, they cut to the bone in some places. He was DRAGGED back to where the “attack on Jodi” first began. Now if she had to DRAG someone back to the place where the fight began, wouldn’t that then mean that he was RUNNING AWAY?? You cannot believe that he was running after her all bloodied up after being shot or stabbed (whichever you believe came first). Can you see someone chasing AFTER the person that is slicing you up like meat? “Hey get back here, you haven’t finished me off yet!” He was running like hell and she caught him, and dragged his bloodied body back to the bathroom. You say that there is little evidence??? I have NO idea where you get that from. There is a plethora of evidence.

    Now back to Juan. Try to put yourself in this place. If you were talking to people that were trying to excuse, and defend Jodi’s behavior how would you handle it? Try and think how you would feel questioning Dr. Samuels who based his “diagnosis” in lies. Who falsified documents to favor a killer? Dealing with a defense, that granted is supposed to do everything they can to help their client, but does some of those things in a “less than honest” and constitutional way. I know I would be a little “hopped up”. But I am a little high strung anyway. Do I ALWAYS agree with the way Juan does things? No. Do I think that the questioning he did yesterday was not up to par? Yes. I also think that he shouldn’t treat everyone that testifies for the state like they actually are He should have dropped the Snow White thing and then moved on. Maybe he needs an Ativan. I know sometimes I do and I am not even in the courtroom.

    I am surprised you chose Juan to pick apart. What about Nurmi’s speaking skills. You are here writing so I can see that you survived the coma that Nurmi put most people,in, myself included. Or Wilmott who has REPEATEDLY THROWN hissy fits and stomped her feet to and from the stand when sidebars were requested by Martinez, but who has no problem objecting every 2 second during the prosecutions turn at bat, and rolling her eyes when she is overruled. Is that not also inappropriate behavior? Speaking of unprofessional behavior, I completely agree with your opinion of Dr. Drew’s show last night. Even Mark was confused and embarrassed by DD “Sub”. This case is making so many people want to pull their own teeth out. I suggest you try to look at the prosecution as a relief from the mundane twaddle that the defense regurgitates. And if you want to call yourself a journalist and not be considered “yellow” alongside the people YOU have so named. Then you need to research a bit better. And you spelled “conjure” wrong.

    • says

      Too long of a post. But to some of your main points … I’ve been in stressful situations. I don’t remember every damn thing. As the expert testified, in severe situations of stress, it’s completely plausible to have memory lapses. Then Vinnie will say “how did she remember what she drank at Starbucks” — his “go to” line he uses regularly. Well, she drank the same thing every time she went there.

      I never said in any post that Travis deserved to die. These things happen, unfortunately, when you’re a violent person in a violent relationship.

      Why did Jodi drive hours to see him? First, ask yourself why Travis continued to call Jodi and invite her over. Why does nobody bring that up? Second, abused women will sometimes climb mountains to be with their abuser. See: Houston, Whitney.

      I never claimed to be a wordsmith, although my typing isn’t terrible. I don’t have an editor. I don’t have a publishing department. I’m one person.

      And common sense dictates that if Jodi’s sole intention was to just kill Travis, she’d have done so in his sleep, with a silencer. There was yet another obvious dispute that most likely got physical. I’m not advocating that you murder people when in a domestic dispute, but, as I intimated, things happen.

      • Erin Mack says

        They were a powder keg. Bad for each other. I don’t believe he physically abused her. There is speculation, but NO physical evidence. I never said that you believed Travis deserved to die. Travis likes screwing Jodi, Jodi liked screwing Travis. However the distance is a factor. Most of the abused woman that I have spoken with and some of which I know personally were married or in some form of committed relationship. It was HARD for them to leave. There were issues with them being able to leave. Nowhere have I heard of someone driving miles and miles and miles over and over and THEN moving in with someone who beat them up. EVER. If Travis truly beat her and she went through all of those things to be with him then she wasn’t beaten. I would bet my little finger on it. It’s one thing to drive home from work to someone that hurts you, you have no where else to go. He knows every move you make, and you make sure that you get there when you are supposed to be there lest you arouse any suspicion to incur his/her wrath. She was safe where she was. Hell, she was ARMED to the hilt where she was. He didn’t hit her. He may emotionally have been an asshole to her, but that doesn’t pose an IMMINENT FEAR OF DEATH. What she did was over kill. Not self defense. I believe Jodi did go there to kill him, but when she got there at 4 am and found he was still awake, she had to go another route. He got into the shower and she saw this as her opportunity. Her bags were already in the car. SHE returned into the home. She clearly has jealousy issues and is indeed assertive. She tracked down Matt M’s new GF Bianca and confronted both of them. I never questioned the Starbucks issue. I drink coffee. They know my order. I guess we should just agree to disagree. That’s bound to happen. I still want to know where you got the idea that cross lasted 4 hours. Were you in the courtroom? I know someone that was. She confronted Travis’ friend Clancey in the bathroom at a PPL convention. By her own admission she taped the “incident” to show Clancey a woman that Jodi hadn’t known well or at all, to confront her with it the next day. These are words out of her own mouth. She wrote that she was more into the naughtiness than he was. These are all things that Jodi wrote or admitted to. If you are indeed a journalist you should be after the fact. I do not claim to be one, but I try to strive for accuracy. There is no proof that T did or did not abuse Jodi physically. So that should’t be a factor. No evidence, no dice.

        • says

          Erin … no, I don’t believe Travis deserved to die … I have never said Jodi did the right thing. You bring up some good points, BUT, I must say, we weren’t in that relationship. Some abused females will drive miles and climb mountains to be with their abusers (Whitney Houston). I am anti-guns. I think America has a gun epidemic. I do not think Travis should have been killed. I wish people would understand this. But I am a man, and I don’t know what it’s like to be in an abusive relationship. I don’t know what happened that day, but I do know Travis had a violent history with exes, and Jodi was by far the best looking of all his exes. Again, this doesn’t mean she did was right … but it may mean that it was a crime of passion, where Jodi had no choice.

          • Erin Mack says

            I NEVER SAID YOU DID BELIEVE HE DESERVED TO DIE?? DUDE, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU READING??? Site your 4 hour cross source so I can get the hell out of here.

          • says

            I will site my 4 hour Snow White cross in another post, but be patient. I actually have a regular job, and do my best to keep up with this …. so chill out, Erin

          • Erin Mack says

            Where is it? I asked you yesterday… It takes less time to copy and paste than it does to keep relying to me.

          • Erin Mack says

            If you had watched it live streaming online without HLN’s RIDICULOUS pause button and their “We are live back in the court room” stupidity, you would know that he questioned her for 36 minutes because he got her at the end of the day. Video length is 1:08:00. He begins cross at 00:32:42 court for the day is called at completion of this video, right after sidebar. that means he crossed her for about 36 mins. Simple math.

          • Erin Mack says

            If you think my posts are too long and you aren’t going to read them. Then you aren’t at the capacity to speak on what I said. You, basically claiming I put words in your mouth. I haven’t done that once.

          • says

            Sorry, but I don’t agree. Jodi had several choices. Right, wrong or otherwise, they were her choices and ONLY her choices. I dont agree with either defense she is coming up with because there are several things that contradict these theories.

            If she was a battered woman, where was her fear? She claims fear caused her to murder him. Ok, lets discuss this. In looking at the crime scene photo’s i am staring at the one of her foot and Travis laying on the ground. The question that comes to my mind is, Why isnt she running. hes on the ground, obviously he’s hurt and wont be going after her, why didnt she run? Instead she stayed. Was this before she slit his throat or after? I’m told it was before. SO where was her fear after she slit his throat? why didn’t she run after she did that? No way he could have prevented her from running at this point, no way. What did she do, she stayed.

            She chose to grab him and drag him back into the bathroom where she shot him in the head. Why shoot him in the head, with all the wounds she inflicted on him so far, surely she would have thought him dead by now, so why shoot him? was it to make sure he was dead? Does she run yet out of fear of Travis? NO, instead she drags him into the shower and washes both of them up. So does she run out of fear after she showers? NO. she tries to clean up the crime scene and destroy evidence. The only reason she left that house at a certain time was to get out before the room mates got home. She took the time to take the bedding, his clothes, the camera down to the washer and start it up. She took the time to clean herself up so anyone seeing her would not see blood. She planned this whole thing in case he turned her down.

            With everything that happened here, I just don’t see her fear, I see anger. Fear would have caused her to run at some point in all of this, anger would have kept her there to murder him and to try and destroy the crime scene.

            Now they claim crime of passion. So what happened to self defense? all of a sudden now its a crime of passion. not buying that one either. They should have tried to explain why she stayed and did what she did rather then run away like she should have.

          • K Stewart says

            Once again more lies from you. Where is the evidence of Travis having a violent history with exes?? You damned well know if there was any evidence of that the defense would have had them on the witness stand. They obviously would have looked but there wasn’t any. Jodi had no choice-SAY WHAT. You have a convenient way of ignoring the evidence. I am so thankful a nut like you is not on that jury. At least I hope there is not any there with your mentality. Can’t connect the dots or take 1+1 and come up with two.

            I don’t know what looks has to do with it but ARIAS was the biggest mistake of his life. An EMPTY, LYING,VENGEFUL,PSYCHO who butchered him when she realized he was thru with her. The PSYCHO even asked to go by his house when she was in Arizona for the memorial before any one knew she was the killer. Going back to the scene as most PSYCHO KILLERS like to do.

          • Alessi says

            At least part of the evidence was in the email from Travis’s ‘best friend’, Sky Hughes.
            Do you know the defendant or the victim personally? If not, do you base your opinion on anything other than the mass media, lowest common denominator hysteria?
            Do you understand the meaning of the ‘presumption of innocence’ and its importance?
            Do you understand that everyone has the right to a fair trial, and that the sort of rabid drivel that you publish on a public forum can jeopardise that right?

            Somehow I doubt it.

            Are you another Mormon?

      • Sarah M says

        Oh I am so sorry for you Jason, honestly I do not know why you allow these narrow minded hateful people to post. I cannot read it, some people and statements will have to just remain ignorant and learn maybe one day for themselves just how unusual and cruel they are. Why come here and post if they do not like it, they obviously live in a place of anger and hate and cannot find their way out, otherwise why put yourself through the stress in arguing against people who do not take your same position, I for one do not engage with them nor watch HLN any more either, I know better, I am open minded, have compassion for the facts and the players, All I can say, is kudos for allowing free speech, but maybe ring the bell and let them know they are missing their Hate & Lairs Network now in session!

        • says

          Just hoping some of these people learn something and stop watching Tabloid TV! You’d be more surprised at some of the mail I get … hehe …

          Oh, that Snow White cross, now that I see that post again … Erin, if you’d like the complete video of day 41, where Rock star bored the jury with irrelevant stories (mostly Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs) while casting aspersions on a woman who’s saved dozens of lives in her 30+ years of experience. I’ll put it on the YouTube page. Just e-mail me and let me know. And Rock Star didn’t help himself in closing by calling Alyce LaViolette a “liar”. Sara, if you ever practice criminal law, please don’t embarrass the profession by calling such a respected and noble individual like Alyce LaViolette a “liar” … #tabloidHLN

          ~ Jason

          • jackie freitas says

            This ridiculous site and your embarrassing ignorance is so much worse then HLN could ever be,and I don’t even like HLN. I don’t know why I keep reading it,guess just to see if you’re REALLY this immature AND stupid…you don’t disappoint.Please find the decency to be embarrassed for yourself,like everyone else is.

    • says

      Wow, she dresses like she still lives in the 80’s. What are those, snow boots? She’ll never be in any upcoming beauty pageants. But this video is well over an hour, so I won’t watch it. Nancy, herself, however, should have been in one of those cells after she (indirectly) murdered the so-called “Vodka Mom”, paid off the prosecutors to avoid criminal charges, and then settled out of court with her family for an undisclosed amount. And that’s not Nancy’s only murder case.

      • Erin Mack says

        First of all, I cannot STAND Nancy Grace, and 95% of HLN’s talking heads so you aren’t going to win or lose any points with me on that. Secondly, I posted this to show you that Jodi, is NOT is solitary as you so aforementioned. And for the umpteeth time, Juan did not cross Alyce for 4 hours. You MUST be watching HLN, to get that impression. For someone who fancies themselves a journalist, I would think you would know better. Why don’t you try or or or,, or All of them offer REAL TIME coverage. HLN is a ratings whore, I do not disagree with you. Although I like Dr. Drew. You don’t have to eat my lunch over it, I just like his style. But the fact that you are repeatedly claiming a 4 hour cross is at the very least, annoying. It simply IS NOT TRUE and I want to know your sources for that. I am not a journalist but I have given sources when I gave information. I want to see EXACTLY where you watched 4 hours of cross. You claim to report facts. Show me where this “fact” comes from. Prove me wrong.

  4. swfcindy says

    For someone who apparently wants to “occupy HLN” you certainly have been
    all up in there lately! Your inaccurate time of Mr. Martinez’s cross is
    one item of proof. You must be confused when HLN “pauses” the court
    proceedings–the timer in your head must keep on ticking away. Is that
    what they do on the ice?? Perhaps you’ve been slammed onto the ice one
    time too many–and it shows. There are several websites that you can
    actually watch all the proceedings without interruption! And if you miss
    anything that happens in court, there are some wonderful folks who post
    each day of testimony on a little website called Youtube. Do a bit more
    digging & a lot less firing off on the keyboard until you get your
    facts straight. Kudos to Sheri & Erin for excellent fact– I
    repeat– FACT reporting!

    • says

      I stand by every fact I’ve reported, Cindy. If you think I’m one minute off here or there, feel free to vent. But I report accurately. That’s why I’m your preferred source for facts, as opposed to some HLN show.

      • Erin Mack says

        Actually we don’t come here for facts. We come here to let you know the ACTUAL facts. And then we laugh at you. I have sited my sources… Where are yours?

        • says

          I am a source for facts. I’m not bought and paid for by special interest groups, and don’t have an agenda (ratings, etc.). I do this strictly because I want to. And if you read my blogs, I do cite sources when necessary. For instance, when rogue prosecutors Ashton and Burdick lied under oath in the Casey Anthony trial (and weren’t charged with perjury), I cited the NY Times and Forbes that detailed their abject lies:

          • Erin Mack says

            It is necessary to always site sources when you are a “professional”. We are all still waiting for your source of the 4 hour cross examination. You seem to be dodging that request. Casey Anthony is a whole other ball of wax. I am a mother of 5 kids and I won’t go near that with a 10 foot pole. I am openly not objective on that issue. Anyone that goes out and acts the way she did when he baby was “missing” and doesn’t tell anyone for a month should have the shit beaten out of her. And I don’t care how bad that makes me sound. There is no law that says I have to be rational about everything.

      • Cindy Shultz says

        Jason, I’ll speak slowly so that you can understand: your drivel is NOT my “preferred source for facts”–ON THE CONTRARY! You wouldn’t know a fact if it ran up your backside. You’d better go back to the rink & lace up those blades. Or were you even worse on the ice than you are as a “fact-truther”? What the hell kind of a word is THAT?! You are no more a source of facts than that herpes’ lipped whore in court right now for murdering a man. At best, you are a delusional source of humor at how completely ignorant you are of the truth in this case. Enjoy your 15 seconds of attention for which you are so clearly starved.

      • says

        Every “fact” you’ve “reported”?? You mean your misguided perception of the “facts” you have “written”. What you do is NOT “reporting”!! You “report” slanted, biased information. You REFUSE to look at the true FACTS of this case and to be totally honest with you, it is people like you who say things that single-minded run with…hence, you are pretty much the source of ‘RUMOR’ and ‘CONJECTURE’…not FACT!!

        • Alessi says

          But you have no grasp of punctuation. You don’t need to use multiple exclamation marks or multiple question marks. It looks ignorant.

  5. Sarah says

    You’re the type of person I wish I could scream at in person. The- oh I just have so many mean things I’d love to say to you, but your type of crazy won’t let any truth sink in anyways. Maybe if Jodi gets out of prison you could be her next boyfriend- would you like the shot to the head first, the 29 stabs, or the slit throat? Start cleaning those skeletons out Mr. Weird guy, wouldn’t want anyone to think you deserved it because you weren’t perfect…

    • says

      Sarah, again … all you do is (try to) provoke emotion without any fact. Go ahead — scream at fact-truthers as much as Rock Star Juan Martinez screams at witnesses . But what’s your point? I don’t care if there were 29 or 99 stab wounds. i mean, I care … it’s not a good thing, but what’s your point? Just because Martinez and Politan can get your blood flowing, that means others have to die? I’m confused … are you saying that because there were — purportedly — 29 stab wounds, that Jodi must be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt?

      • Erin Mack says

        wow. where did you get this line of thought from. what is a fact truther? I have heard of truth seeker, and fact finder…. She mentioned nothing about Juan or Vinnie. We ALL know you hate HLN. The website gives that away at the get go. I believe that she is saying that you wont listen to anyone else with facts that are substantiated, which in turn,makes some like Sarah here, want to scream at you in person. It also seems to me that Sarah sees you as someone that supports Jodi, as you seems to want to assume the worst about Travis, and publish articles, like the one you did with the identity theft, without checking facts. Don’t you think that if Travis had committed those crimes, the defense wouldn’t have jumped on that faster than Nurmi on a stack of pancakes? You better believe they would. I think the rest of her statement is pretty clear.

        • says

          I’m unsure as to whether or not Travis’ criminal record is admissible in court or not. See, these “facts” from HLN aren’t facts — HLN is an op-ed channel, not a source for news. But people believe they’re a news source, and that’s what I’m here for — to inform people that they’re a joke.

          Sarah’s an emotional person who allows emotion to override intellect. She probably gets upset when Vinnie Politan flails his arms up and down, screaming that Jodi remembers what she had from Starbucks in 2007 and that means she’s a murderer. But Jodi said, clearly,, that she orders the same thing every time she went to Starbucks (which many ppl do). So while Sarah is huffing and puffing, if she’d think about it, reason, she’d understand that this is all an act for ratings by Politan — who surely doesn’t age too gracefully, on a side note (he’s only 37!).

          • Erin Mack says

            God you hate Vinnie… I mean he really sticks in your craw.. sounds like you let emotion override yourself as well. She didn’t bring Vinnie up. NONE OF US HAVE. You, however cannot seem to get off the Vinnie train For all you know she could have a thing for women and HATE Vinnie. So you should give that bit a rest.

          • says

            hehe Erin … while your point is acceptable that I let emotion override intellect, allow me to do so for a moment. He’s a selfish sycophant who, at age 37, is already gray. He’s a complete a-hole and was given a 2 week leave of absence after he failed to convict Casey. Lately, Vinnie has been on this “Jodi knows what the drank at Starbucks in m2007″ thing for ratings, but she ordered the same thing every time. So yes, he’s a sycophant in it for the money, regardless of truth.

          • Erin Mack says

            I am 32 and I have some gray hair and I am still hot as hell. What does that have to do with anything, Other than speak to you being a bit childish.

          • Chupacabra says

            Lololol. Hot as hell. Vain much? Poor grammar and punctuation are NOT hot. Please make a note, your Hotness. *gag*

          • Sarah says

            You know, for someone who hates HLN so much you seem pretty obsessed with them. Most (normal) people just simply choose not to watch shows they hate. I find it funny that you assume so many silly things about people- I have zero interest or emotion involved in the HLN personalities, it is simply a channel I watch from time to time. I am an emotional person, I have them unlike you (other than lust and probably some hidden rage). I have no tolerance for mindsets like yours. I know how your twisted mind works, you’re transparent to me. Nothing can ever change you, help you, fix you- you are broken, do you understand? YOU are the one who is wrong, you are not some special super enlightened being that sees the “real” truth, you are craaaaaaazy. Fo’ realz. No jokesies. Go get a mental health screen, just to prove me wrong. So, how does that make you feeeeeel?

          • says

            Sarah, the reason I made this site is to combat the narrative that controls the minds of so many Americans. It’s unhealthy, and is part of the reason our judicial system is broken. We’re one of only 2 democracies (India) that has state sponsored murder, and the only country in the western hemisphere. I’d like us to be a more progressive nation, so if I can do my little piece to help quell the trial-by-media phenomenon that has inundated the minds of Americans, then I will.

          • Sarah says

            So what part of that goal requires you to side with a murderer? I can think of faster and more conducive ways to achieve that.

          • says

            Who says I’m siding with a murderer? I’m not siding with everyone. I’m reporting the truth, and exposing the corrupt court system and massive Mormon coverup. Now, HLN is saying Jodi was a stalker. Then why was Travis constantly calling her and inviting her over? You’ll see. I’ll shortly post on Jose Baez, who says to forget about the lies — follow the evidence. Forget about the hoopla and circus show HLN puts on for ratings, and focus on the evidence. The evidence clearly leads to a violent man and a violent struggle.

          • K Stewart says

            Violent struggle???? You are a certified nut. Where was Arias’s injuries? That body slam she claimed is total bullcrap—she would have been down for the count and Travis would be alive. Where in the hell is the evidence for a violent struggle—-Alexander has all the injuries and Arias has none. You live in fantasy land. Too many pucks to the head. With morons like you called to jury duty it is no wonder that O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony were acquitted.

            Here’s some more free advice–if you find HLN so offensive—change the channel.

            By the way,the rookie expert with 3 years experience figured Arias out and ALYCE could not do it with 30 years experience. ALYCE was stupid enough to go on the word of a PSYCHO LIAR. Some expert!!

        • Erin Mack says

          I already asked that Sheri. I believe he claimed not to be a wordsmith, but that could have been in response to my pointing out of the spelling error of the word “conjure”. Childish? A bit. But I never claimed to be “professional” about anything.

          • says

            I changed it. Happy? Again, I’m just 1 person. I don’t have a publishing dept. …. I’m just doing this to reveal the truth and get these jerks out of office, and out of their Hollywood media positions. On a side note, I think I spell pretty good …

    • Alessi says

      People who don’t have a decent rebuttal resort to emotional, meaningless nonsense like this.

      You just make your cause look stupid by association.

  6. says

    Went on for 4hours??? did you watch the trial? MR Martinez was merely up to cross this “expert” merely a HALF HOUR. So before you start writing this slop get your facts right. OH and one more things PENS ARE ILLEGAL in jail, why? because they can KILL SOMEONE and if you are told in jail that you are not allowed something in jail that it is forbidden than you go ahead and get it anyways than you are doing something ILLEGAL IN JAIL!!! seems Jodi feels she again is above the law both outside jail by MURDERING MR Travis Alexander and now inside the jail walls. Lastly again OBVIOUSLY you have not watched this trial there is sufficient EVIDENCE that this Murder that Jodi Arias perpetrated on MR Alexander was Premeditated and thankfully Mr Alexander and his family has Mr Juan Alexander on their side to prove that Jodi Arias committed this crime. Let’s just hope that the jurors are not as blinded and clueless as you are. Go back to Hockey and quit writing as it is obvious you have no knowledge how to RESEARCH and write as a Professional Journalist.

    • says

      Yikes, Cheryl.

      (1) Yes, his cross (with breaks, objections, sidebars) lasted almost 4 hours. That further pissed off the jury he already lost.

      (2) There is sufficient evidence that Jodi did have to protect herself, as Travis was a violent man — as his good friend, Sky Hughes, admitted. Sky even told Jodi to get the heck away from him!

      (3) LaViolette said she just chose that title because it was catchy — and it is catchy. But even HLN admitted it was ridiculous, and HLN never criticizes prosecutors. They even loved Casey’ prosecutors who committed illegal acts in the courtroom. (4) Being caught with a pen in jail is not a major thing. Listen, I know on MSNBC lockup they show murderers stabbing others w/ objects, etc., but please …. There is no evidence to suggest Jodi was trying to use the pen as a weapon — if there was, she’d be charged with such. There IS evidence, however, to suggest Jodi loved to write and loved to draw. If it was a major violation, ,they would put her in admin seg … like any county jail does for inmates caught with knives or drugs. In society, this is the equivalent of getting a parking ticket and making that person seem evil.

      (5) If you’re locked in a tiny cage for 23 hours a day, you might get on another inmate’s nerves, too … especially the stress they’re under; they’re underfed, facing serious charges, separated from society, basically have nothing. So is it unreasonable to think a minor scuffle might happen from time to time? This doesn’t prove anything to me.

      Lastly, like I say in my “About us” section, I’m a special type of journalist in that I have no agenda like an HLN or a Fox, or an MSNBC. I’m not paid by anybody. So you’re getting the raw truth with me. And I still play hockey once a week, but I’m never going to stop writing until these rogue prosecutors, rogue yellow journalists, and all special interest groups involved are fired or quit. So get used to me.

      • says

        HEY YOU! Yeah, you!! HIS FUCKING CROSS DID NOT LAST 4 HOURS!! Most of the people that have written here watch the trial IN LIVE STREAM!! See, that is the difference between you and the rest of us…WE KNOW THE FACTS so STOP stating something that is NOT TRUE! I am sure you are the type of person who does not like to be wrong but sir…YOU ARE VERY WRONG on that!

        Yes, you are a “special type” of something but a “journalist”, YOU ARE NOT!

        • Chupacabra says

          I hope you realize your scary rage does not give credence to your stance. You justread as crazy. Which you probably are.

      • says

        Wow now Jodi is locked in a tiny cell 23hrs a day?? *LOL* another FACT you have yet to research. Here is a fact for you. She is NOT Locked in her cell 23hrs a day she gets out to mingle with her podmates, go to the library in the jail, the exercise yard etc. SHE IS IN JAIL, She DESERVES NOTHING! it isn’t supposed to be a VACATION SHE COMMITTED A MURDER one that she admitted to and one that she plead GUILTY TO AND ONLY WANTED TO PLEA to a 2nd Degree charge with only a 10yr sentence, but the State said NO they wanted 1st Degree BUT Jodi didn’t like the terms and here we all are watching it on live stream.

        Maybe you should do the same before your write about it as it is so obvious you sir are NOT up to speed on this case by a long shot.

        Here is a little fat to chew on I read it earlier and it will enlighten you as to why Mr Martinez referenced Laviolette Snow White reference.

        Mr Martinez used the Fairy Tale “Snow White” to prove the exact same point about Jodi

        -Snow White was abused by her Step-Mom and her Dad did nothing to
        protect her. Jodi was abused by both her parents and neither protected

        -Snow White fled into the woods to get away from the
        abuse. Jodi fled to Bobby’s house to get away from her parent’s abuse and

        -Snow White ended up in a shack taking care of people.
        Jodi moved into one room of a hoarder’s house and she was the only one
        working and bring the food in.

        -Something bad happened to Snow White (the apple). Something bad happened to Jodi (Bobby choked her).

        -Snow White becomes unconscious and waits for her Prince. Jodi starts
        looking for her Prince. Unfortunately I think her Prince was Travis.

        -Doesn’t this then mean Jodi would grow up to be the abuser according to this expert?

        ** Mr. Martinez accomplished all this in about 30 minutes.

        * In this version of Snow White the witch was Jodi and the apple she lured Travis with was SEX!

          • Sarah says

            Point us to the facts again? I have yet to see any on this page, other than in the comment section here.

          • says

            There are plenty in there, Sarah. For one, Sherry Stephens didn’t sequester this jury, which was probably well-tainted even prior to Juror #5 getting booted off. That’s a guarantee for an appeal. She refused to grant a mistrial, more grounds for appeal. She refused to admonish Martinez for any of his courtroom antics (throwing pens, screaming at witnesses, pounding tables, throwing courtroom papers, cutting witnesses off, etc.). If you ever watch a normal trial, the judge will tell the prosecutor to please allow the witness to answer the question. When Rock Star doesn’t like the way an answer is going, ,he’ll raise his voice and cut the witness off.

            And if you read any of my newer posts about PTSD and Travis’ family background, there’s more than enough reasonable doubt already — with more to come.

        • says

          The Martinez Snow White thing was a miserable failure; he looked like the fool he is, and more importantly, lost the jury again. I disagree with your premise that you’re supposed to be treated as guilty until you prove your innocence. If Jodi is presumed innocent, why is she locked up? It’s a fault of our system. She has no criminal record, is not a flight risk, and deserved bail, per our constitutional requirements.

          Nurmi never made an official plea offer that we know about. We’re not privy to those conversations — it’s all conjecture. Martinez *should* make a plea offer since he lost the jury, but his massive ego won’t allow him to.

          And yes, Jodi can go to the library (not at free will … only during very select times, but she’d not in a regular pod like most of the Maricopa County Jail inmates. Due to the HLN coverage, it’s a high profile case and therefore is in PC — yes, locked up 23 hours a day.

      • Erin Mack says

        She is free to be with other pod mates, she eats and socializes with other pod mates. She is not in solitary, she is not in her cell 23 hrs a day as far as I know.

  7. says

    Jason, you must have got hit with many hockey pucks during you years playing hockey. What trial were you watching. Juan had under 40 minutes with Alice. You need to go to youtube and watch because and get it straight.

    • says

      It never fails to amaze me when people don’t have a valid argument to offer, they launch into character assassinations. The sad part is they aren’t even aware that in doing this they have crossed over to being abusers.

      Love your blog Jason, keep on keeping them on their toes!

      • says

        Amen, Gail … I agree w/ you 100%. When there’s no solid basis for an argument, then I was hit in the head w/ too many hockey pucks, I’m a weirdo, I’m this, I’m that … which is more indicative of a lack of intellect than anything else.

  8. Erin Mack says

    I am still waiting for your 4 hour cite source.. Or should I just post the trial from youtube, any one of many that are accurate would be sufficient I’d wager. So where is it Mr. Weber?

      • says

        Uh, I’m watching the Michigan NCAA championship game. And you want me to cite a source for something, but you never say for what. Regardless, many are citing me for their source. You should, too.

        • K Stewart says

          You know what Erin wants yoyo but it doesn’t exist does it. That is why you have all the lame excuses. You were not watching NCAA. You were watching HLN. Your life revolves around it.

  9. Zooyie says

    Alyce LaViolette has testified and had long long windy testimony for at least a week and now cant remember anything she said?? Incredibly one-sided subjective “expert”. Very Unprofessional for a $250-300/hour self proclaimed expert. It seems the Defense is the party dragging this trial out in being uncooperative in answering any questions about the experts’ work, which we all have a right to know as it is the AZ taxpayers paying for them.

    • says

      Alyce LaViolette remembers almost all pertinent things she says. As America’s leading expert on domestic violence, she gives many speeches, seminars, and perhaps doesn’t remember every sentence. Would Rock Star Juan Martinez remember every autograph he’s signed?

      Per contra, Rock Start 5’4″ Juan Martinez is dragging things out, throwing pens, screaming at witnesses, grilling LaViolette on a pointless title for a seminar (Snow White) before the own judge thought it was so ridiculous, she cut him off.

      To question the expertise of LaViolette is simply wrong. She wouldn’t tarnish her storied career to fib on the stand. The prosecution witnesses, however, can hardly contain their bias. And it goes without saying that the monopoly on the coverage, HLN, is the most biased op-ed television station in the world,

      • K Stewart says

        America’s leading man hater and ARIAS’s tool now. Martinez represented all men to ALYCE and you could just see and feel the man-hate oozing from her. Don’t let the facts or truth stand in your way with your testimony ALYCE. Don’t know Martinez’s height but he cut ALYCE down to size. Look at the condemnation she is facing all over the media now. She deserves every bit of it. THIRTY years experience and ARIAS played ALYCE like a violin. Some expert indeed. A real joke.

  10. JP says

    The really sad thing here is that a man has been brutally murdered. I don’t see where name calling benefits any of us. So Jason Weber has an opinion oh how Mr.Martinez is in the courtroom. He is allowed. Sheri, you feel Jason’s views are “bullshit” You too are allowed. A friend of mine was one of Mr. Alexander’s friends, and I knew what happened as soon as Travis was found. We can sit back and call everyone names but where does that get us? We all believe that our opinions are the right ones. We have been blessed to live in a country where those opinions can be freely expressed. All I see here are people making posts (that does include you Jason) that spread the hate that Jodi must have felt when she was stabbing Travis. We have an obligation to try this case on what the state can prove, beyond a reasonable doubt. Has the state made this case? Has the defense? Playing it out in the media does not matter, as it will be up to 12 people to decide.I admit that I am biased. but after all this time, everyone has an opinion. That doesn’t give me the right to try to persuade everyone to my way of thinking.

    Regarding the pen that was found with Jodi. It is against the rules of the jail house- period. Let Joe Arpio deal with it. Does it show a disrespect for rules? Yes, I think so, but I was not the one that found it. so I can not make her face my punishment.

    Regarding Juan Martinez. If he wants to have spectators come up to him and ask him to sign her cane. So what? Did he discuss the case? No proof was presented he did. What does height have to do with his abilities to try this case? None. Does it make others feel taller than he, therefore smarter? I think not.

    The one negative see, that as a person that writes for a living, please use your spell check because that is one of my biggest pet peeves.

    Let’s put the eyes back on the real story here, and that is a man has been brutally murdered.

    • says


      (1) I never suggested it was a good thing that somebody died. I disagree with you on who had more violence and hatred in their DNA. Based on the evidence (not HLN) I’ve seen, I feel Travis had a lot more hatred, and a lot more to hide.

      (2) The state — Rock Star Juan — charged Jodi with *premeditated* murder. As I suggest in my post with Jose Baez, this is not not provable.

      (3) Pens in jail? Please … it’s not even a major ticket … it’s a minor summary.

      (4) NO, JP, you are WAY off base here. The prosecutor can NOT sign autographs, take photo ops, and pose for Esquire while trying a murder case. I can cite several SCOTUS sources to this effect. Rock Star would have been jailed on contempt in most states (also for throwing pens at witnesses).

      (5) Jodi is guilty of killing Travis. This isn’t a pleasant outcome. It’s quite unfortunate on all ends. There are no winners; only losers in this situation. But is Jodi guilty of what Rock Star charged her with — premeditated murder? No.

      Bottom line? Prosecutors like Rock Star need to quit overcharging people. Prosecutors need to be absolved of their Absolute Immunity. JP, you’re attempting to invoke the ad-hominem by saying Travis was “brutally murdered” without saying he wanted to rape Jodi, have her scream like a 12 year old having an orgasm, and neglecting his criminal history and his history documented by Sky Hughes. Again, I’m not saying Travis deserved to die. But I am saying that this was not premeditated murder, so 1st degree murder is off the table, and Juan Martinez should be disbarred.

      • JP says

        Thank you for your response. I re-read my statement and don’t see anywhere I thought you had suggested anything of the nature of Travis’ death being a good thing. I believe that each person had/have good and bad characteristics, but together they were volatile. My post was to bring the name calling to a stop and have everyone worry about themselves, because this has turned into a three ring circus (set myself up, I know, insert comment here). I didn’t say a pen in jail was a major issue, I stated it showed disrespect for the rules. She has not been found guilty of anything, therefore what really does it matter? Let Joe deal with it. I am fine with your response. Researching this issue, there have been other prosecutors that have signed autographs during high profile cases and have not been disbarred. If I am mistaken, I can accept that and admit it. I would like to research the information you can supply – thanks.

        Jason, my husband and I, yes I am an non church attending LDS woman,who has a similar background as Jodi, have played the same roles as Jodi and Travis did. We did the dress up, pony tails, dirty talking, phone sex, sex while driving, in public places, waking up to my husband trying to get inside, or him waking up while I was straddling him, etc. Was theirs different? I don’t know. I wasn’t there, and Travis isn’t here to give us his side. The Hughes statement was mentioned by Ms. LaViolette, but there has been no copy presented and put into evidence (see below), so I don’t know if she read it or if she was told about it. She couldn’t talk about it due to it being hearsay. Ms. LaViolette is another person that has had too many names used to describe her, and she knew she would not be able to get out of this unscathed, but I believe she was screwed by everyone, not just the prosecutor. I heard her say twice,that she was not given all the paperwork, but just enough to have her form an opinion.

        We, everyone of us, needs to get back to the matters at hand, and stop telling people their thoughts are wrong because they disagree with whom they are speaking. Travis was brutally murdered, no matter what happened between them, it was overkill. Thank you for using Mr Martinez instead Rock Star Juan. That was what I was trying to get across. No more negative comment about people, or name calling, as It is up to the jury to convict on first degree vs the second degree Jodi was willing to take, with a 10 to 20 year sentence. No matter what they convict her of, some group will say she got too little or too much time. I don’t think they will come back with first degree either, but who knows???? Thank you again for your response. I haven’t jumped on anyone’s bandwagon, just waiting for this to end, and I appreciate your point of view and how respectful your response was..
        Just wanted you to know I had Louisville all the way, but Harvard messed up my brackets – who would have thought?

        Thanks, by the way, for making pull out my dictionary:
        ad ho·mi·nem [ad hom-uh-nuhm -nem, ahd‐]
        1. appealing to one’s prejudices, emotions, or special interests rather than to one’s intellect or reason. (I didn’t appeal to your intellect or reason?)

        2. attacking an opponent’s character rather than answering his argument.
        (Where did I attack your character? )

        • JP says

          By the way, I just found this statement from the Hughes – just fyi – nothing more – just a possible 2nd side to what I said previously.

          Jodi came up with a whole new set of lies in 2010. Lies, I would imagine, she is going to try to work into this trial, as she fights for her life. I didn’t think she would attempt to do this as there is no evidence as to the validity of these claims. There are only letters conjured by JA that were thrown out of court and deemed “fraudulent.” I just figured she, and everyone on her team, had given up on these ridiculous claims -“It also makes you wonder just how much Chris & Sky Hughes really knew about TA’s child addiction (and the physical/verbal abuse he inflicted upon Jodi in private). Remember Sky’s initial reaction to one of TA’s letters too, where she specifically referenced TA’s age of attraction?” and “(& subsequent cover-up of TA’s abuse & child porn-related issues) by Chris & Sky Hughes.”
          UNBELIEVABLE! Are people really this delusional? This info is from fake letters…too fake even for the National Enquirer to run with! That is saying something! Some of you heard me call Nurmi a liar. It was related to these claims. He had LIED to my wife. He emailed her a letter, telling her it was “100% verified to be Travis’ writing” and that there was “irrefutable evidence” backing up these claims. #1- It’s near impossible to verify something 100%. AND it is absolutely impossible to even come close if there is no original (which we later found there is not). #2- There is no, and never has been “irrefutable evidence” to back up these claims. He totally lied! Sky’s reaction to what Nurmi sent her had ZERO to do with Travis and his character, and EVERYTHING to do with Nurmi’s lies and manipulative tactics and her experiences working with sexually abused kids. The ONLY reason Sky even went there, as far as Travis was concerned, was because Nurmi told her there was “irrefutable evidence,” and to us, the only thing irrefutable would be video tapes. We had NO IDEA that it was legal for the defense attorney to lie about evidence to try to sway someone’s testimony (we had been subpoenaed to testify in a hearing the following week). Unbelievably unethical in my opinion.

          I just wanted everyone to be aware of this, because I’m guessing Jodi, being the shamelessly evil person she is, is going to make these asinine claims! Here is what we know about Jodi… and it is truly “irrefutable.” Jodi lies…and lies… and lies… it’s just what she does, and who she is. She has done it from the beginning, and we can expect more of it until this trial is over. To expect anything other than lies from Jodi would be naive at best. Travis is not, and never has been, a pedophile. And only the most despicable of human beings would accuse someone of being such, knowing they are not. There is nothing worse.

          I just wanted everyone to be aware of this, because I’m guessing Jodi, being the shamelessly evil person she is, is going to make these asinine claims! Here is what we know about Jodi… and it is truly “irrefutable.” Jodi lies…and lies… and lies… it’s just what she does, and who she is. She has done it from the beginning, and we can expect more of it until this trial is over. To expect anything other than lies from Jodi would be naive at best. Travis is not, and never has been, a pedophile. And only the most despicable of human beings would accuse someone of being such, knowing they are not. There is nothing worse.

        • says

          (1) JP — when you’re locked up like that and confined, separated from society for four years under the presumption of innocence, getting a pen to draw and write letters isn’t disrespectful. Keeping one locked up while they’re presumed innocent is disrespectful (and illegal).

          (2) Sky Hughes said in an email to Jodi that Travis was abusive to all his exes and warned her to stay away from him. I have a copy of the email somewhere on here, as well as a copy of Travis’ desire to rape her and have her orgasm like a 12 year old. That’s not normal behavior for an LDS person or non-LDS person. Yes, Sky Hughes refused to testify in court, ,and Chris Hughes has made it his LDS Mission to convict Jodi of premeditation via trial-by-media.

          (3) I know Travis was murdered. I’m saying the physical evidence … if you follow the evidence and not HLN, you’ll see it wasn’t premeditated. See

          (4) I viewed “brutally murdered” and pouncing on the pen issue as ad hominem … rousing peoples’ emotions using those type of words, or focusing on trivial issues like writing letters.

          • JP says

            Jason, once again thanks for your response. I will wait to hear back from you regarding, citing “several SCOTUS sources to this effect. Rock Star would have been jailed on contempt in most states ” I think that would be an interesting read.

            1) I am not aware of anything proving the illegality of holding someone awaiting trial. Jodi could have asked for her right to a speedy trail, under her sixth amendment right. Do you know if she did? A person in jail , in AZ, can “purchase a small pencil (like golf pencils) and paper to write letters.” and Jodi has 44 hours a week to talk to someone on the telephone. I don’t know,nor care, whom she speaks to,however the media has decided to inform me over and over again about it. By the way, I have never watched/listened to HLN, but I do know Nancy Grace and she is a dis-Grace to the law profession. You know I did agree with you regarding the pen,and I understand what the other posts are saying, that they can be made into a weapon. So can her toothbrush. Let her have them. I just think, my opinion only, is that Jodi uses the pencil to draw and then sells her pictures, and that is what upset your previous posters. If she is convicted, she cannot profit from her crime and all of that stuff will probably be taken away.

            2) I am thinking the sex tape is where the comments you referred to, were made, but if you have copies of the email(s), please include them with the information you offered regarding the disbarment of other prosecutors. However,my own argument shows it is possible for an LDS or non-LDS person to make the kinds of statements Travis and Jodi made. The part of the tape I heard, was made by both parties. I understand that Jodi has said otherwise, but I just don’t see/hear anything that shows the truthfulness of the sex slave personna. I live in Mesa Arizona and I can’t find any conspiracy within the LDS community to ensure Jodi will be convicted and didn’t Jodi start the trial by media by going on TV to proclaim her innocence?

            3) I said I was glad it is up to the jury to say what she will be found, or not found, guilty of. We are allowed to disagree.

            4) My opinion is that Travis was brutally murdered, whether it was Jodi or the masked invaders, that killed him. I see it as overkill. I don’t think I “pounced” on the pen issue, but if you saw it that way, your perception is your reality. I guess I did rouse your emotions by using words or issues, kind of like you did with the previous posters. I think most people like to debate their opinions,but it can get out of bounds quickly, and that is the sadness I saw. Jason, you are entitled to your opinions, just as I am. I started this post because I didn’t think it was fair of Erin, Zooyie, Gail, Lillian, and anyone else that posted nasty comments about you because they disagreed with what you wrote, however ,they seemed to have disappeared because I haven’t seen any additional posts from them. I wasn’t trying to pull you over to my way of thinking, and I think I can stand up for what I believe to be my truths, without slinging any mud. It has been fun “talking” with you because of the passion you have for this case. I look forward to getting the materials you have. Thank you for your opinions as it is great to have opposing sides to any argument. Hey – why was your last posting from Occupy HNL vs the two previous postings that listed your name? Just wondering.

            Do you have any postings about our unalienable rights? Now that would be a post I would read!! Thanks again Jason -JP.

          • says

            (1) The Constitution provides that all defendants must be granted a reasonable bail to uphold their presumption of innocence: … as you can see, this isn’t the case in the USA: …. the presumption of innocence has vanished, largely in part to the trial-by-media and political pressure to be “tough on crime” …

            (2) The fact that Chris and Sky Hughes refused to testify about Travis’ violent history with exes — which both have stated in separate emails on multiple occasions — in combination with the fact that Chris Hughes is on a media campaign to convict Jodi tells me there’s a coverup. My conjecture is that it has something to do with the preservation of the tarnished LDS reputation.

            (3) I’m glad it’s up to the jury as well. I just wish jurors would follow their admonishments and not watch HLN and other shows. You’d have to be uber-gullible to think they don’t watch these entertainment shows, and aren’t influenced by them.

            (4) You don’t have to say “brutally murdered” … you can just say “killed”. You don’t say Jodi was “brutally attacked” or that Travis wanted to “brutally rape” her. And the pen, let’s just forget it. I understand that in Level 5 prisons with lifers, some use them as weapons. It’s quite obvious that Jodi is a drawer and likes to write, and the jail officials decided that’s what she was using them for.

            Sometimes I log into Disqus with my Facebook profile (which shows my name), sometimes I use my Twitter profile (which shows Occupy HLN).

            ~ Jason

          • JP says

            Thank you for the reading material, I will be printing and reading it. Point taken on the “brutally” word. I agree that the jury should to be sequestered, hopefully the judge will agree the next time that request is made.

            I hope you continue to be passionate for what you believe in, and when people start name calling – I hope you don’t go there. I will continue to drop in and see what you are posting, but once again, thanks for the respectful way you you spoke to me in your posts., even when we disagreed. Good luck, take care and keep typing. JP

          • says

            My pleasure, JP — strange calling you JP, since many people call me JP as well. I just have a passionate belief that our judicial system is messed up. We house 1/4 of the world’s prisoners. The lobbies are profiteering enormously. People are being locked up for what wouldn’t be meritorious of even in a citation in other developed nations. And HLN is a primary impetus behind the corruption. I may not be able to stop a powerful corporation like HLN, but I can do my part to combat their narrative, and that’s what I’m here for!

            And yes, I don’t get into name-calling. Calling someone this, or that, or whatever … accomplishes nothing and shows a lack of intellect.

            Thanks for visiting the site, and I appreciate your comments!

            ~ Jason

          • K Stewart says

            Priceless–“I don’t get into name-calling”. You called Travis a rapist, woman beating, pedophile in a previous post. What a LIAR you are!! You certainly have a lack of intellect and no memory apparently,

          • says

            Well, Travis telling Jodi he wanted her to feel raped surely isn’t normal. Was he violent with exes? That’s obvious — don’t believe me — just ask his best friends, the Hughes.

            As far as Travis being a pedophile, although I’ve never asked a woman to orgasm like a 12 year old and I’ve known a guy who’s said anything similar, I’ll grant you that this isn’t direct evidence he was a pedophile, although some may call it circumstantial evidence. That said, there is growing evidence that indeed he did have pedophilia tendencies, and when something is solidly proven, I’ll post on it.

            But in a Mormon community that’s riddled with sex abuse scandals, one after another, it’s not unthinkable that this circumstantial evidence will continue to mount. In fact, Chris Hughes is the Vice Chair at Soldier Hollow Charter Schools, where a child sex abuse scandal just resulted in a conviction.

            ~ Jason

        • Chupacabra says

          Gross! I need brain bleach to erase your icky graphic imagery of you and your husband. Why would you post such immodest details if you are really LDS? I’m not LDS and I would never share intimate details of my marital life online. Ewww.

  11. Moonshade says

    Jodie Arias is not worthy of having a pen or anything besides bread and water. This self confessed liar brutally killed her boyfriend in a jealous rage fully premeditated. All the evidence against her tells the story of a manipulative, lying, evil psychopath who decided to savagely kill Travis when he finally got rid of her once he figured her out. She couldn’t handle the rejection so she set in motion a devious plan to kill him. It might have worked except she threw the camera with pictures documenting the evil acts into the washing machine. I guess the self-professed “genius” forgot to take it with her in her “fog”.

    Please do not defend this sick creature. Bad enough she slaughtered Travis but then she and her pathetic defense team have bashed him in death and dragged him through the mud. I hope that scuzzbag gets the needle quick! You will see her found guilty, to use Jodi’s words “you can mark my word on that”

    • says

      Moonshade, is this North Korea, Iran, or America? I’m confused. Perhaps you don’t believe in our constitution that says you’re presumed innocent. Or perhaps you don’t agree with the human treatment of prisoners.

      Where you’re wrong is that you say it was premeditated. If you follow the evidence — the physical evidence — you’ll see it wasn’t premeditated:

      The evidence suggests Travis not only had a violent criminal record, but as his best friends indicate, a violent history of abusing ex girlfriends (see Sky Hughes), Additionally, any man that dreams of raping women and begging them to orgasm like a 12 year old is deranged. I’m not saying he deserved to die. But I am saying there is reasonable doubt in this case — it’s inundated with reasonable doubt.

      And if you read my post about fugue state, you’d understand that this happens to many people under times of unbearable duress:

      So please, don’t believe some entertainment channel in it for ratings, and listen to what the experts say. And if you want to describe a con man, rapist, woman-beating pedophile, that’s on you. As the experts said, he was abusive and she was submissive. But HLN twists and contorts all the facts into their own little spin to influence gullible people out there who let HLN think for ‘em rather than think for themselves.

      • K Stewart says

        You are lying again Jason. You claimed in one of your posts of Travis not being called a pedophile and here you are calling him one. Once again LIAR there has been no evidence of Alexander being a rapist or a woman beater. You are one sick individual and like ALYCE the TRUTH gets in your way. The family should sue your ass for slander.

        • says

          I already replied to you, so you don’t have to post the same thing twice. So I’ll post my same response again.

          Well, Travis telling Jodi he wanted her to feel raped surely isn’t normal. Was he violent with exes?That’s obvious — don’t believe me — just ask his best friends, the Hughes.

          As far as Travis being a pedophile, although I’ve never asked a womanto orgasm like a 12 year old and I’ve known a guy who’s said anything similar, I’ll grant you that this isn’t direct evidence he was a pedophile, although some may call it circumstantial evidence. That said, there is growing evidence that indeed he did have pedophilia tendencies, and when something is solidly proven, I’ll post on it.

          But in a Mormon community that’s riddled with sex abuse scandals, oneafter another, it’s not unthinkable that this circumstantial evidence will continue to mount. In fact, Chris Hughes is the Vice Chair at Soldier Hollow Charter Schools, where a child sex abuse scandal just resulted in a conviction.

          And continue to dog Alyce Laviolette, who has no agenda and who’s saved countless lives in her 3+ decades of experience. Sorry you didn’t like her findings, but she’s a leading expert on domestic violence and I trust her and Dr. Samuels. But go ahead and trust your Tot Doc Demarte who has 1 year in treating PTSD with only 3 TSI tests performed — and NO experience with domestic violence.

          ~ Jason

          • Chupacabra says

            As the mother of a 12-year-old girl, I can say with conviction that Travis was a sick pig for saying that. Nobody deserves to be murdered, especially not like that, but can you loons please stop the beatification of St. Travis of Poopchute?

            Jason, you are spot-on. Red flags everywhere with Travis.

  12. Amanda Sailsbury says

    Wow. Are we even watching the same trial? Alyce was so biased. So disgustingly bias. Judging by the juror questions the juror got the picture. The woman took a liars word for it and she had no problem saying terrible things about the victim with no proof other than a text message that was obviously in response to something that was deemed to prejedicial because we don’t know. This guy is an idiot. All I see when Juan Martinez is up there is a man who wants justice for Travis so bad and knows what he is saying is true. He is disgusted with these people and it shows and it really rubs off on ya

  13. [email protected] says

    Ha!! You clowns didn’t understand the snow white point, because you had no idea he would use it at the end to destroy Alyce Laviolette!

    Juan rocked.

  14. V_ger says

    ROFLMAO….”world re-known Domestic Abuse Expert, LaViolette”???? Really? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA. I guess so, if her world revolves around her eighteen inches of personal space. That’s about it.

    A pen in jail, no big deal? Apparently, you have no clue about what they DO with those pens in jail. Mr. Bone head, they make shanks with which to stab each other. They also use plastic spoons, forks and knives, melt them down into a nice sharp object of impalement. Maybe you need a little time behind bars so you can do some authentic research on the subject.

  15. bind bind says

    Pens are CONTRABAND for prisoners who may be facing the death penalty or life in prison, because of the high risk of suicide. LaViolette has made a living lying to try to excuse the bad behavior of women, and he proved it beyond ALL doubt. Women dont get special rights for being women, and they are accountable and responsible for their words, actions, and inactions no matter how much you want to excuse them. Oh we will humor them at work, on the street, at the coffee house, at the tavern, and even at home, but make no mistake about it, they will eventually be held accountable when they step to far. The really good thing about all this is the abject epidemic of females committing violent crimes, raping children, and murdering their kids, spouses and boyfriends. Feminism has emboldened women and in some cases.helped them lose their minds if their minds werent already gone to begin with. She is where she belongs and she will get nothing more than she deserves.

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