Sociopath Juan Martinez and his Newly-Found Fame

Juan Martinez desperately sought a conviction of Murder 1 in the Jodi Arias case — not because he actually believed his case, but because he wanted the fame and fortune that came along with “winning” a high-profile case.  Forget all of the malfeasance and violations he committed, among other unethical acts.  Take a drive through Arizona these days, and you’ll see that Juan got what he wanted — he’s truly Rock Star Juan now!  Just take a drive around Phoenix, and you’ll see billboards of Rock Star Juan littering the highways.

One Nation Under Juan

One Nation Under Juan – Click to enlarge

Juan signs his own billboards

Juan signs his own billboards – Click to enlarge

Juan truly is a rock star now

Juan truly is a rock star now – Click to enlarge

Salem and Arizona

Comparing Salem to Arizona – Click to enlarge

Okay, so he may be an asshole, but while he’s lying, bullying witnesses, throwing pens and papers with his temper tantrums, and cutting witnesses off if he doesn’t like what they’re saying, this 5’4″ Rock Star Juan finally has the fame he so desperately wanted to achieve — and these billboards are proof.

As usual, leave your comment(s) below on what you think of Rock Star Juan’s newly-found fame.

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