Pictures of Jodi Arias

Here is a collection of pictures of Jodi Arias prior to getting involved with con-man Mormon, Travis Alexander.  Alexander, whose double life has had little or no mention on HLN, had frequently called her a “whore” and a “slut” in e-mail and text exchanges.   And despite the presumption of innocence, HLN wants to keep her locked in a tiny cage for 4 years while awaiting trial.  Is this really how our system was designed to work?  Or is this type of system better-suited for North Korea or Iran?  Despite our system, perhaps these pictures of the beautiful Jodi Arias will offer some levity to a serious situation.

Jason Weber
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Jason Weber


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Jason Weber
Jason Weber
  • michelle

    None of these pictures are prior to dating Travis. Can’t you even get the most basic facts right?

    • Jenn

      This website is hilarious. Jason doesn’t know a thing about the facts of this case.

    • Rob

      Did you ever think he might be looking for people who actually know some of the facts in this case and know what they are talking about? And actually there are a couple in here that where taken before.

  • Michele

    These pictures only show the cover to the book. Like I always say never judge a book by it’s cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dolores

    Stumbled on to you after reading the killer’s tweet about you, “WOW… …just wow”. You certainly have made her day as she laughs diabolically to herself about your absurd website. I find your thoughts on this site naive and absurd. You are obviously basing your opinions on her beauty and her demure, soft-spoken manner. You need to wake up and think with your head. You were not on the jury and they all found her guilty of premeditated murder. Eight jurors felt she deserved the death penalty. Why do you give this murderer any credence? All you do is encourage her to project her vile, wicked, satanic self!

  • Rob

    This site isn’t a result of Jodi. Jodi was plopped here by HLN who this site is really about. Feel free to leave your opinion Pick the read articles pick the one that that outrages or you you agree with the most and post away. We love the 1st amendment around here. This isn’t the Jodi is Innocent site. After she posted that tweet it broke this site. This is a diverse group of people on here your posts are not deleted I personally think they should have convicted her of M2

    Here is an excerpt as an example of one of the more even keeled posts.

    Mnavratilova says:
    May 24, 2013 at 2:48 am
    Someone here said, it may have been Robert, that 90% of the population are against Arias, in my estimation that’s about right. So let’s say it’s about 90/10, the one major difference between these two “sides” if you will, is that the 10% don’t agree on almost anything. It’s a very diverse group; some think she should get life, some M2, some manslaughter and others think she acted in self defense and is in fact innocent. What we do all have in common from my observations, is that this was not a fair trial and that the prosecution acted in an unethical way at best. I think we also all agree that it was a tragedy that a young man lost his life. The 90% more or less agree on almost everything (bar a few who don’t support the death penalty). Having said that, Arias is the underdog with basically no voice, and the overwhelming majority doesn’t need any support, perhaps that is why these articles have the flavor you talk about. If someone from the 10, posts a comment they must count on a barrage of nasty replies, and I mean nasty. In my experience, most people in the minority for the most part, voice their opinions in a respectful way but are mercilessly shot down anyway because the message is so unpopular. It’s worth noting that being in the majority doesn’t necessarily make one right: I’m sure at one time there were three people claiming the earth is round.
    I personally do not try to suppress opposing views, if you seek the truth you should pay special attention to those who don’t agree with you. This makes for a good discussion (what would a dinner party be without a good fight).
    I myself began with a completely clean slate, I didn’t even know who Arias or Alexander were a few months ago. So my opinion has evolved over time. I don’t claim to be certain of anything, because that is the only thing which is in fact certain, that nobody knows for sure.
    Imo, this site is pro-defense by default, because it is anti-prosecution, so that’s more of a natural consequence than a goal. The tot doc thing is a jab at Nancy Grace who was calling Casey Anthony the tot mom for months. On the rock star Martinez subject, that’s a very kind way to refer to that guy, this prosecutor is completely corrupt and should be disbarred.

  • Vanessa

    Why are you showing a gallery of pictures of her? It just makes it look like you think she’s beautiful and that’s why you’re defending her…

    • Earl Hickey

      She is innocent
      And drop-dead gorgeous.
      Travis was a child molester, I have proof. Juan dissembled the truth about Travis molesting kids in his apartment. For shame, Juan! You’re a lousy prosecutor

      • Pamela Valemont

        Earl, can you please explain or expand a bit about “Travis molesting kids in his apartment” ? Also about “Juan dissembling the truth.” I would like to know what you (may have) uncovered. Thank you kindly.

        • Mae White

          It’s just a straw man argument that ja’s defenders all seem to possess; that is that they, and they alone are privy to some “hidden” guarded truth that the authorities are trying to stifle, etc. etc.
          There is NEVER any proof from the likes of Hickey.
          Don’t waste too much time on them.

          • Pamela Valemont

            I have done some checking on “Mr. Earl Hickey”, Mae. One minute he is for Jodi and the next dead against her. He is so desperate for comment and attention, he posts inflammatory comments on line about anything and anyone at all as he sees fit, on all sorts of sites, just to draw a reply. A loose cannon. He is an Obama hater and appears to be racist as well. He has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Jodi’s defence team, so please don’t equate him with Hickey. Henceforth, I will give “Earl” a wide berth and I suggest you do too. He is a very sick man.

          • Earl Hickey

            Yes, At first I was against her, because I did not know all the facts and instead listened to Nancy DisGrace whom I hate now after I found out the truth about who she really is.
            Then I educated myself and found out fro myself that Jodi is innocent after all and she killed TRavis in self defense.

            Yes, I hate Obama, but not because he’s black but because he has ruined the economy and racked up a huge debt and the unemployment is through the roof

            And I also support George Zimmerman and hope he will be acquitted of all charges.

            I am not a racist, I judge people by the content of their character,

            And my comments may seem inflammatory, but hell, that’s my style. I love pissing off those ignorant folk who don’t bother doing research before they post something ridiculously stupid, like here a bunch of knuckleheads post hate comments about Jodi because they listen to the news (where they always lie for higher ratings) instead of the truth.

          • Pamela Valemont

            So, I guess you know nothing about the 16 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT Obama inherited eh? You know, the one that happened when Wall Street collapsed after September 11? Pardon me, but wasn’t that under the GEORGE W BUSH Government? Do you know what 16 Trillion dollars looks like Earl Hickey? Well, if you go to this site, you will see what just $1 trillion looks like, so then try to imagine that multiplied by 16! And you’re trying to tell me that OBAMA bankrupted the economy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I don’t think so. This is just another WRONG conclusion that you jumped to Earl Hickey. i THINK YOU HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED BY THE MEDIA ON THIS ONE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!WAKE UP!

          • Earl Hickey

            Obama inherited the 16 trillion dollad debt?
            Under what rock have you been living under? Is there room for two, because I would love to stick my head in the sand and pretend that Obama didn’t plunge the country into debt.
            For your information/education:
            Deft Before Obama came into office: Over $9 trillion dollars
            Deft now: Over $16 trillion dollars
            The difference: over $7 trillion dollars

            And bailing out companies is what a communist would do – Obama gets to decide which company lives and which goes under! No, tt’s not his call, I’m afraid, that’s not how capitalism works! The bailout was a big debackle in Obama’s career and everybody acknowledges that. I’m not going to talk about the bailout and unemployment because it’s all been down to death and you can look it all up where experts explain it a lot better than I ever would.

          • Pamela Valemont

            Well Earl, we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. “The way Capitalism works”, if you let it have its willful way, is exactly what did happen prior to your electing the greatest President you have ever had, Barack Obama. He would not have been elected at all if the country’s economy had not been in ruins. The general consensus of opinion around the world when he was elected to office was that “not even Obama can save America. America’s going down the toilet.” Those were the exact words spoken to me by a man I have known well for many years, who flies all around the world as a banker at the highest level. Have you noticed too how America has gone very quiet on the “red menace” since they were pulled gasping out of the toilet bowl by one of the very countries they have been trashing and defiling for generations? Don’t forget you waged a war with China’s ally, Vietnam. If I was China, I might have let you drown. But it would not have advantaged them at all if America had stayed with a bankrupted economy. As it was, what happened in America reverberated all around the world, causing depression in many countries. It was not all your fault. A lot of the blame for the depression must be laid squarely at the feet of the 9/11 terrorists, who would have achieved exactly what they hoped to achieve, had not China and others rallied around Obama to help him lift America up out of the doldrums. You have a lot to be grateful to Barack Obama for, and don’t you ever forget it. I realize he has been a very busy man, stymied at every corner by obstructionist fools; you only have to look at his hair which went gray overnight during his first term of office. Yet, we must still agitate to eradicate the shocking penal and legal system in the state of Arizona, to which Jodi Arias and others have been subjected.

      • Mae White

        Oh really?!

        What proof is that Mr. Hickey?!

        What is Mr. Martinez “dissembling” and how do you know that?!

        And lastly, IF you are holding on to this truth, what is it that prevented you from contacting the police or Maricopa authorities to share this “proof” that only you seem to possess.

      • Malena

        earl…too late, guess you have to flush your “proves”, lol .Thank you Juan !!

    • Malena

      Vanessa, isn’t Chucky Arias a beautiful cross eyed woman? lmao

  • scaredmomof3sons

    I believe this joker has a FB page under the name Dyson he is in love with this murderer! Wonder if his paying job knows what he’s up to maybe he wouldn’t have it anymore?

  • Earl Hickey

    Verily that filthy child molester Travis was the worst thing that ever happened to Jodi
    I wish the police had caught Travis watching child porn before all this happened. He should be in prison gang-raped for promoting child porn.

    • Mae White

      Eh Mr. Hickey, th only problem with yourclaim is that the ONLY one who said that was the self confessed liar and murderer herself.
      Find us where there is ANY corroboration from any other source that agrees with her.
      You really ought to dig a little deeper than the words of a proven liar.

    • Malena

      slow down Earl, stop lying and don’t worry Arias will never leave the hole where she is…

  • Wanda

    Jason and everyone else, the BEST and ONLY COMPLETE album I have ever seen of Jodi is on this page which is worth liking. Thanks