Michael Dunn: The New George Zimmerman

This is a classic case of both Stand Your Ground and self defense, just like the George Zimmerman case. Coincidentally, Dunn is white while Davis is black.
We have another classic Stand Your Ground case, people. This one involves Michael Dunn, 45, who is accused of first degree murder in the shooting of Jordan Davis, 17, in Jacksonville, Florida.  And yes, once again, the accused is innocent of all charges.  And yes, disgraced rogue prosecutor Angela Corey, who just loves premeditating murders herself by sending people to death row.

Michael Dunn ran into Jordan Davis in a chance encounter at a party store. When Dunn told Davis to turn down his blaring music, Davis reached for something that appeared to be a gun.  Then this happened.

You’re DEAD B****! This B**** is going down NOW!Jordan Davis, screaming at Michael Dunn
Duval County, Florida: The King of Capital Punishment
Duval County leads the march to death row in Florida, a state where (a) there have been more death row exonerations than any other state, (b) more people have been sent to death row in the last two years than anywhere else in America, and (c) inexplicably, given (a) and (b), Gov. Rick Scott recently signed a bill to speed up executions by limiting death penalty appeals.

Now we should know a couple of things here the media — including HLN — isn’t reporting.

  • Jordan Davis was suspended from school for fighting riding around with convicted felons
  • A sworn witness lied about facts it’s gonna bring the house down on disgraced Prosecutors Angela Corey and John Guy again

Michael Dunn’s instinctively reached for his legally concealed weapon and fire at Jordan Davis before Davis could kill him.   Michael Dunn is a survivor, not a murderer .


Occupy will be there to right for what’s right. In the meantime, you can bet Occupy will be fighting the trial-by-media atmosphere in support of due process as we always do.
Once again, dirty prosecutor Angela Corey is prosecuting the case, and — as usual — misrepresenting the facts in court. Dunn’s trial begins February 3rd, 2014, in Jacksonville, Florida, Duval County Circuit Court.

Judge Suzanne Bass recused herself and will no longer preside over the case. Defense attorneys cited obvious bias of Suzanne Bass, as she committed several violations in pretrial hearings that favored the prosecution.  Judge Mallory Cooper will now hear the case.

Michael Dunn is guilty of nothing except defending himself against a thug who said he was going to kill him. He should not have been charged, and it’s shameful that Prosecutor Angela Corey chose to charge Dunn with 1st degree murder.

Here's pop-up video from November when Dunn's letters to the media were released

Occupy hasn’t been wrong yet, and we’re not wrong on this one. Michael Dunn will be found not guilty in a court of law, and all of these talking heads in the media, as well as Prosecutor Angela Corey, will be proven wrong — for the 3rd time.

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